DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersCan Creator share how prayer work and the Lightworker Healing Protocol are the only hope there is for liberating the galaxy from ET Alliance domination?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

The harsh and unpleasant reality you face and our most unpleasant duty to inform you of this, needs to be a sobering message and a wake-up call for most, that your complacency is not only misplaced but manipulated to happen. You need to awaken to the awareness and realization and acceptance that your world is not yours after all, it is yours only as long as the Extraterrestrial Alliance lets you inhabit it. In the meantime, you will be manipulated and constrained heavily in what you are allowed to do, where you are allowed to go, what you are allowed to think, and whether or not you are allowed to advance in any meaningful way, or be held back and maybe even undermined and lessened through an erosion of capability and an engineered self-denial to constrain your own growth and advancement through faulty ideas imparted to you by your extraterrestrial overseers. They love pulling the rug out from under you just as you are making a breakthrough and causing you to regret it, and usually for the wrong reasons, and resulting in a premature abandonment of something with promise, but got subverted through outside manipulation that was blamed on you or you blame yourselves for.

You cannot stand up to these powers that be. Your human governments and military are under their control. They all have puppet masters who dictate the policies and programs that are allowed and will create the obstacles, the sources of confusion, the political gridlock, the self-denial, the prejudice, and the warring factions throughout all levels of society that will prevent human progress and manipulate you to believe this is all normal. All the while, your oppressors are laughing at you, at your simplicity and stupidity in listening to corrupt politicians who are demonstrably two-faced, and even though the media are heavily manipulated, they show this again and again directly, because the extraterrestrials know you will not see a deeper influence at work but will blame the politicians themselves. They divide you into audiences favoring one side or another so you will largely see the opposition and their negativity and defects but not the shortcomings of your own tribe, so to speak, because you will be watching propaganda favoring them and their beliefs and condemning the opposing factions. This is a broad strategy of divide and conquer that has been in play all through human existence and worked against you constantly; it is only through divine support you have made it this far without being destroyed; it is time now to break free; that can only happen with greater divine support than you are able to request at the moment—too many have been seduced by the Secular Movement to give up on religion and cut their own lifeline of support and a possible future.

The extraterrestrials, their state of mind and evil ways, are proof positive of the consequences of giving up divine alignment in service to the self—it will lead to depravity and eventual loss of your own souls in the end. This is already the fate of the dark spirits who are barely hanging on as predators but no longer supported by the divine realm for their continued existence. The extraterrestrial civilizations subjugating you are given life force energy at the moment but that is provisional on an eventual turnaround in their thinking. At this late date, it can only happen if humanity seeks their healing and rescue and you request this to be done by the divine realm on their behalf. This is more than a humanitarian gesture, it is in alignment with the highest of divine ideals, objectives, and achievements. There is no greater act of divinity than the forgiveness and healing of an enemy who would destroy you.

The beauty of this is it can be arranged through prayer and application of the Lightworker Healing Protocol without the need for you to go to war and risk your life in the process. You can reach out to us through prayer, you can learn to use the Lightworker Healing Protocol, or obtain the services of a practitioner to have sessions done on your behalf and for your loved ones. This will help the broader world and the perpetrators as well because they are a major focus of the Lightworker Healing Protocol, and all that is done, that it is designed to address. It accomplishes deep healing through a comprehensive series of requests for divine intervention for all manner of phenomena, sources of negativity and discord, dealing with attacking energies, and the many, many karmic woundings that have happened through multiple parallel lifetimes, all of which take a huge toll on human health and survival and hinder human progress, and all of it makes you more and more vulnerable to further control and destruction by the Extraterrestrial Alliance. The answers are straightforward and can be implemented by anyone with normal intelligence and a desire for helping human betterment and survival.

You were created to save and heal humanity through solving the problem of evil—that will require healing your perpetrators—and if you think about what that means, your healing and survival are guaranteed if healing of the perpetrators is successful. They cannot be healed of their karmic debts and obligations unless you are restored and all the harm done to you is rebalanced and repaid as a form of restitution. You will be raised up in the doing and this will catapult you to much greater heights than ever before experienced in the human realm. You are destined for great things, glorious future explorations and discoveries of all kinds, and a life of greater bliss and exhilarating opportunities for growth and achievement. All through history you have been mired in quicksand and have little awareness of what true freedom and an unfettered life can be like, when you are working side by side with Creator and are able to go anywhere you like in the universe and have endless free energy at your command you can manipulate directly to create anything you want—that gives you only some idea of what is in store for you as a preview of coming attractions. If you ensure human survival at this point in history when things are coming to a head, by requesting and seeing to a divine intervention to raise up all those in need, from this you will gain as much or more as anyone else.