DWQA QuestionsCategory: Problems in SocietyCan Creator share how prayer work and the Lightworker Healing Protocol are the true solutions to creating future collective prosperity, rather than anything involving direct societal planning, organization, and especially coercion of desired behaviors?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

The problems of society are not a consequence of arbitrary choices among economic systems or governmental systems alone. The true answer in promoting human progress and a successful growth and transformation of humanity to meet its full potential embodied by Creator’s Plan for the divine human can only come about through dealing with the problem of evil. So this lies squarely in your path because you were created to solve the problem of evil in the first place, that is your purpose and the divine mission for incarnating as a physical human and a part of society. What you do or do not do will be evaluated according to how you contribute towards that goal or remain on the sidelines in a state of complacency, ignorance, and disconnection. The latter is where the interlopers want you to be and work avidly to keep you constrained. You will need help to break free and to help others do so. You cannot reach and persuade everyone working one-on-one, especially in the face of the many years of subjugation, essentially lifelong for each person, being programmed relentlessly from within the deep subconscious mind to plod along, not make waves, eke out an existence, don’t fight back or question anything, and don’t expect too much either—that is no way to live.

To rise above this subjugation will require enlisting the help of the divine. It is not that the Almighty lacks a clear view of your plight or has a lack of caring, the problem is that people are not aware of the true nature of the evil they face and how and where to get help. Partnership with the divine will enable us to work on your behalf in ways you cannot arrange from the human level. You are outmatched on all fronts by the Extraterrestrial Alliance; they are smarter; they are more powerful; they are in charge already and in control of everything that matters; they are masterful in corrupting and limiting human activities. That is why you are being held down and held back again and again and again and never seem to break free and break out in a meaningful way. Your institutions are all ineffectual, largely consisting of make-work projects that never quite seem to get the job done, and often over time will prove to have been doing exactly the wrong thing in exactly the wrong way and this happens over and over again and has been going on all through history.

Reaching out through prayer in a way that is launched with the intention to accomplish specific goals based on an understanding of the true nature of the evil in your midst and what needs to be done will empower the divine realm to do its utmost to right these wrongs of history. If you amplify that further by making healing requests through the Lightworker Healing Protocol, you will have the best of both worlds by not only requesting assistance in a specific, high level, informed fashion, you will have many kinds of leverage to greatly empower the divine to use many ways to compound the available energies to bring about a more rapid, effective, and powerful divine assistance than has ever been possible in the history of humanity. The power of the Lightworker Healing Protocol resides in bringing to bear the full power of the divine in new ways and, in effect, is your secret weapon because the interlopers are atheists so not only can they not receive divine help for their selfish purposes, they also will not care much about your doing so because they do not believe that it can do anything for you.

When the divine intervenes, the interlopers think it is simply something about human thought bringing about a benefit, so they fear you coming together, they fear humans with intuitive ability because they know the mind working through the intuitive reach can learn their secrets, and they are controlling what you can think about. So those who escape their grip and are interested in spirituality, the paranormal, and extraterrestrials are of greatest concern to them because those are forbidden topics for the masses, and all such interests are suppressed in most individuals. The small minority who can rise above their power and control and still think freely and have inner yearnings to seek the truth, and feel through their own spiritual alignment that those areas are very germane to today’s problems and need to be explored and capitalized on, are a threat to the Extraterrestrial Alliance and the forces of evil. So even though the darkness does not believe in the light, they fear it and want to control any thought and discussion of the light and its power—this should tell you something about the reality of what we are telling you here. The path to your future lies in overcoming the evil blocking your way; when you reach out to us, this becomes doable and we will always answer in support of you.