DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaCan Creator share how prayer work and the Lightworker Healing Protocol can help individuals master the “intervene or not to intervene” art of living dilemma, and how such mastery is critical to the survival of humanity?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

Because personal interrelationships and relationships of a person with a group of others are so numerous all throughout one’s life, it is quite important to understand the dynamics of human psychology on a complete basis. The true workings of the mind are not yet understood by science and the psychologists, and similarly, the basic phenomena of existence are poorly understood by the culture. So people are not taught about the workings of the mind and its foibles, as well as the quite important reality that human beings are almost always corrupted to a small or large extent by interlopers—the dark spirits who possess people to obtain energy and interfere with their thoughts, and carry out a campaign of propaganda and bullying in the deep subconscious to throw people off-balance and create chronic stress on a lifelong basis that has many ramifications for all that happens.

People simply will not be at their best and will develop troubled relationships with others as a consequence. Their actions and reactions to things may well be exaggerated or inappropriate because they are reacting not only to those around them, but to their inner demons, so to speak, and this is a prescription for disaster with many complications and misunderstandings happening again and again. These are frequently reinforced when someone is rejected again and again by those around them, or by teachers or caregivers judging their conduct in a simplistic way, and perhaps holding them to expectations higher than can be met, given a person’s oversensitivity and fragile nature, or in some cases, overreacting to inner torment by becoming belligerent and even oppositional and defiant to authority. When this alteration of the person ends up in causing a true character disorder like narcissism, or even to such a degree where a person can be considered a sociopath, damage has become so severe it might never be undone.

Working on one’s faults and shortcomings, one’s blind spots, one’s inner and inappropriate sensitivities to things that might be old karmic trauma rearing its ugly head, can only be dealt with through assistance of the divine realm, because it will not be within the capability of the person themselves to even see all the different factors involved, because they are blind to what is taking place in their own deep subconscious mind. This puts them at an impossible disadvantage in not understanding what they are truly dealing with. This is the explanation for why so many have chronic anxiety with seemingly little cause or justification; it just happens and they think it is some kind of physiologic disturbance, perhaps genetic in origin, that may only be dealt with through medication—such approaches are a band-aid at best.

True healing needs divine assistance; that is what prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol are for—both have a place in helping people overcome their challenges and difficulties in life. Prayer done in the highest and best way with an informed series of prayers that contain empowerments that enable the divine to do its utmost on a person’s behalf will only be learned from the divine realm itself through an authentic source, such as the channel speaking these words. This is an unfortunate legacy of the troubled history of humanity, that many of the divine prophecies and teachings have become corrupted, and may have been limited to begin with through a lack of specificity being given to people in a world and cultural era with no real understanding of the mind, and no awareness of the principle of reincarnation as a driving force in needing to reckon with errors and woundings from the past as a major factor in all that happens in setting up a person to be a success or failure. Most problems will need divine healing that can only come about in an effective way utilizing the Lightworker Healing Protocol, because it is the only tool that has a comprehensive series of requests addressing virtually all the potential sources of negativity that can be a factor in any human interchange that is not going well—all such areas of difficulty and conflicts are a healing need and may need divine intervention to set them right.

The Lightworker Healing Protocol is superb in bringing about a path forward that will engineer a divine intervention, and will be applied again and again and again to keep working at all of the past difficulties. Even with such a campaign, it may be a lifelong prospect for many to get out from under the mountain of old trauma that has been building in life after life, but this is the most effective and greatest benefit available and warrants everyone devoting themselves to the undertaking. All will benefit, directly and indirectly, and often with many unforeseen benefits that may emerge in the future and never be appreciated as resulting from a healing session done in the present, but nonetheless will bring about changes eventually. It may be months or even years in the making, but it will not happen without that initial healing session being launched. This is a choice open to all and we encourage everyone to avail themselves of this breakthrough in advancing humanity, both individually and collectively. The needs of all are addressed as well, because the perpetrators, individually and collectively, are always included in a Protocol session as targets, so the healing will spread far beyond the individual client given highest priority. This is a tremendous blessing that will change human destiny if enough people become involved in the healing enterprise.