DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolCan we also ask all spirit meddlers currently undergoing rehabilitation, to add their intentions to ours for a broad healing of humanity and all the spirit meddlers and the extraterrestrial races who corrupt humanity?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

Yes, indeed, and this is another fine idea to include intentions of all spirit meddlers currently undergoing rehabilitation who desire their complete healing and the rescue of their fellows to be able to add their intention to the group effort of human practitioners of the Lightworker Healing Protocol. If this is requested, it can be done as well. The inclusion of this broad new step will act as a further inducement for all involved to become more active in focusing energy and a desire for betterment for all to see the folly of being separate with the goals and aspirations when in fact each civilization depends on the others for its future progress or potential decline if progress is not made.