DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolIf there is truly a unity of all life, can extraterrestrials currently in the light who have as much at stake as humans do in the outcome of the current ongoing contest for survival, vote along with human light beings to allow their intentions for healing to be added to the sessions done by Lightworker Healing Protocol practitioners?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

This, in fact, will help as well. There are great numbers of extraterrestrials of all three species plaguing humanity, who see the error of their ways while in the light and can do little about it from that vantage point, for the same reason as humans cannot intervene and alter those in the living, except through a direct request of some kind, and only for the betterment of someone. Those sympathetic extraterrestrial beings can also be requested to add their intentions for healing into the mix. Even though we are talking about differing species here, all have a stake in what happens, and all will benefit from the healing outreach of the Protocol, the extraterrestrials even more so than the human because their healing needs are much greater, and they are at greatest risk of becoming extinct, in fact, with their current trajectory.

We have indicated to you that the way forward that can be successful for human rescue can only come if the extraterrestrials and the dark spirits both receive healing. This is literally the case because of the great karmic entanglement involved with this whole sorry mess. Because of this entanglement, the three classes of beings are intertwined karmically. All must be raised up or none can be, in a complete sense. You can request the extraterrestrials who are in light being mode and capable of assisting the enterprise, give their permission for all the Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions to have their intentions added in to enhance the healing outcome, and this will further things along.