DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaCan you help us understand why the woman we were concerned about is on medical leave? She apparently has a hypothyroid condition. Could she be suffering a chronic viral infection? What is going on, and what can we do to help?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

This you saw intuitively, and is spot on. She has a chronic viral infection that is underlying her lack of energy, difficulty in focus, and inability to perform at a high level. That is why she seeks short-term quick fixes and cuts corners, because she cannot mount the energy needed for long-term planning and keep a consistent perspective going from day to day as something to build on. Her energy ebbs quite quickly, and this makes her less and less effectual in all she does. The emotional toll of it is compounding the problem, because it has eroded her view of herself and her self-confidence. She will be unable to cope with life and be there for her family even though it is quite important for her. She cannot give energy she does not have, and that is that tragic nature of this condition, it robs the wherewithal, leaving a person in a weakened state, in a bleak existence that is empty but unable to motivate a person to rise above it. Your healing work will be instrumental in turning this around. And we do not make such predictions lightly, but want you to know that you are her champion now and will save her, and one day you will see the many blessings that flow from your loving concern. This is a circle of love coming back around that started from you and spread to your son, to his wife, back to him, and back to you, and in expressing his concern for her, you are now making the effort to save her personally on his behalf. You created the fuel for this, and it has raised up all it touches. They lack the ability to carry it forward in the way you can, so this is a blessing for all involved, that you are a part of their life and able to be of assistance in this way. You, in turn, will be blessed from being a part of it and its originator, both.