DWQA QuestionsCategory: Transition (Crossing Over)My client asked us to do a Spirit Rescue for his wife’s father. Why did he fail to transition?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This individual’s transition did not go smoothly because of inner fear he was harboring about his life and about his own spiritual standing. He had been struggling with this issue for some time in contemplating his passing. All face that ultimate crossing over at some point and may begin to worry about it. So when he left the body and lost his normal senses and ability to think, the lack of belief he was holding kept him at too low a vibration to see the light callers coming to escort him to the heavenly realm. Belief is all-important, both in the divine, and in one’s self. It is a tragedy of existence when people lose sight of their connection to the divine and end up alone and suffering. This is never more stark than becoming an earthbound spirit, cut off from life and even the experiencing of anything but the meager intuitive sensing most people have been reduced to, lacking their usual wherewithal and the higher faculties of logic and reason. People cannot mount a plan of action to experiment and try things that might help their circumstances in being cut off literally from everything.

The lower astral plane where people go at first when their consciousness leaves the body, is a kind of void. It harbors only lower forms of consciousness and nothing else that can be uplifting or satisfying or enjoyable. It is a vast nothingness because it is an in-between zone and as such is non-rewarding. It is not intended to be a place to live, but a transition zone, literally, allowing emergence of consciousness people think of as their soul essence. And, indeed, it is a soul extension of energy that persists even after physical death, but it is in a feeble state of expression. It is much like being born as an infant. There is a mind present but it is a blank canvas, so to speak, because there is no life experience yet, and the newborn infant simply displays instinctive behaviors that can be productive like crying to get attention or to encourage nursing. So emerging with one’s consciousness in the lower astral plane is much like that because it is, in fact, a birth process. The emerging consciousness is born again and must relearn how to navigate and to recover its light being senses and capabilities. It can happen quickly and spontaneously in some who are yearning to return to the light and have a strong belief it will happen, so it is expected, and that intention creates a strong connection to the emissaries from the light, who will further empower the fledgling spirit to be raised up and reawaken.

Much happens with an escort to the higher astral plane because energetically, that region promotes the reemergence of the normal light being faculties. One connects to a special repository of personal knowledge and experience when that initial acclimation has been achieved, and that enables a full re-immersion in light being existence, in effect, picking up where the individual left off and being able to navigate and communicate readily in any way needed or desired. So, unlike human birth where the being is literally starting over at the ground level, so to speak, as a helpless infant and must spend many years to acquire language, physical agility in developing coordination, and all the many things one must know to play a successful role in human affairs as an adult, the light being, in effect, plugs back in to who they were and picks up where they left off. From the perspective of a light being, incarnating as a human seems like a departure from the norm and, indeed, it is a step down in capability and often leads to tragedy because of the harshness of the physical realm you are subjected to because of all the manipulation by the interlopers. The learning and growth of the light being will be interrupted for a time during each incarnation, but then resumes with a return to the normal awareness and continuity of all that is continuing to be experienced. So this fellow is back to being himself, and happy despite his time in the darkness. He wants you to know he is grateful because your loving concern saved him.