DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolCan you summarize the Lightworker Healing Protocol and describe for us the importance of the approach to healing it takes compared to mainstream perspectives for overcoming human problems, whether mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

The Lightworker Healing Protocol is a true human/divine collaboration on all levels. It was initiated by you and supported by us. You have added to it many times by virtue of your diligence in exploring unmet needs still, and to understand more deeply the nuances of what takes place when things are in disarray and need healing to set them right. The dynamics of what takes place, the involvement of energy and, in particular, the driving forces of karma in it all, are quite important to human enlightenment and depth of understanding. So this is a very important eventuality and we certainly appreciate your diligence in bringing about the depth of understanding that has accumulated through years of effort to chip away at all aspects of human need and understand more fully what is missing and why. The ability to gain great wisdom about the divine realm in the process is not just a bonus and a bargain, but is part of the collaboration that ensues when people are in earnest to embrace the divine and want to have us as a part of things in a direct way to interact, to share, and to teach about the things humans lack the understanding of but still need to know. This is the essence of the human/divine collaboration in action used for a high purpose.

The fruit of this enterprise of information sharing is the Lightworker Healing Protocol as a very careful step-by-step process of addressing every potential source of negativity that can befall a human being in terms of major categories. That is a sufficient level of detail to request high-level and specific assistance to bring things back into alignment and good order once and for all. This will eliminate illness, it will eliminate much negativity, many emotional struggles, and impairments. This is, in many ways, a righting of wrongs, of restoring an equilibrium to souls that are battered by interloper mischief to drag them down and diminish them, and to even rob them of their ingenuity and creativity. For those simply subjugated and constrained, the awakening of their creative awareness of what is possible in order to see what is missing, and to understand the nature of the negative beings living among them, will help guide intelligent decisions about how to address the opportunities here on an individual basis.

All have a stake in this for all have healing needs whether they realize this or not. The many centuries of lifetimes building up inner karmic disorder and disarray need to be set right. This will only come with deep inner healing and this must be worked through on the subconscious level. The tools are now available for this for the first time in a cogent, convenient way. The Lightworker Healing Protocol represents a streamlined, practical, and accessible tool that anyone can use who has faith in the divine and wants to make a difference in their life or the lives of others through high-level, informed, and detailed requests to the divine realm to have the loved one raised up and improved in whatever way brings the greatest benefit. This will deal with illness whether physical, emotional, or a kind of spiritual dilemma. As such, it capitalizes on the great knowledge of the divine in the understanding of what has gone wrong and what is needed to restore smooth function.

Humans lack an understanding beyond the most superficial level of where problems truly come from and how to set them right. This knowledge needs to be taught and that is another function you will be doing. In the meantime, working on a case-by-case basis allows the first of the stepping-stones to be formed.