DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Lost Soul SpiritsCan you tell us how the unusual experiences in the home of my client [name withheld] are interrelated: the daughter hearing someone knocking lightly on her door with no one there, the son seeing someone walking across an upstairs landing, the electronic toys of their four-year-old turning on by themselves during the night? Have such issues now been resolved and calm restored to the dwelling going forward by our work with the Lightworker Healing Protocol?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This series of unusual events was a consequence of earthbound spirits, to have them interacting with one another and attempting to interact with her and her family members. This was a plea for help. They themselves were being tormented by very dark malevolent spirits and were seeking asylum, were seeking a means of escape to find a safe haven, but were unable to navigate successfully beyond the confines of this home, and in particular, the upstairs location on the part of one of the two. So this gives you a feel for the limitation of the earthbound, why they can struggle so, as they lack their normal human faculties and are quite confused and limited in their ability to think as they no longer have the physical brain they are used to using to create thoughts and experience them. They are semi-lightbeings when they emerge from the physical body, and if they do not transition fully, they will be lacking many capabilities.

In most cases, this keeps them plunged into a darkness that can, in fact, become suffocating, because they have no physical sensations nor any mental stimulation. Those who have some awareness of their surroundings can attempt to manipulate things to be noticed. They may see and sense the energy of living people and the environment, but may misinterpret who and what they are, and see them as a threat. There may be an attempt to engage and to have some kind of dialogue, but are ill‑equipped to do so, and especially because humans in the living form will frequently be completely unaware of their existence, and are unable to connect intuitively to be on the same energetic wavelength.

If they see objects in the environment that involve the flow of energy, they will be perceiving the energy flow and can learn to associate that with a control mechanism to generate its appearance. This is why many spirits will manipulate lights to go on and off, or other electronic devices like televisions and radios, and in this case, the children’s toys were a target for such manipulation, in order to see the energy appear and attempt to make something of it. Sometimes this is an attempt to signal their appearance. Many times it is simply something to do that they see happening, as done by the physical humans, but the spirit may not even be aware of the physical human presence but only see the electrical flow and are drawn to it, to understand it, and may mimic a mechanical step to cause the same reaction and find it a way to turn the device on through mimicry.

Sometimes there is a desperate plea for help, and the energy that is emanating from the spirits can be quite uncomfortable to humans in their vicinity. Even in the absence of being aware of their existence, the energetic effect can be felt and influence the mood of the people present. This will drag down happiness will begin to create a kind of stifling feel or even apprehensiveness leading up to intense fear in some cases if the person, in response to an inkling there is something depressing and wanting to see what this might be, turns their intuitive antenna towards the source, and in exchange will pull in those signals more powerfully and take them on board. This is an invitation to be dragged down and interfered with, by not understanding the hazards that commonly occur for individuals in the proximity of such beings. They are in many, many, locations, and will be more likely noticed when present in one’s own home, because people drop their guard in their home dwelling and are more open to energy and will be more aware of any changes, even subtle, that shift things from what they normally experience.

So a darkening over time, or suddenly, will get people’s attention, and as they tune in intuitively, may become more and more keenly aware something is not right and have a feeling of a “creepy” presence that does not belong. If they are astute and conversant with paranormal phenomena, they may put to a two together, but often this is simply not possible for the nonbeliever, and they attribute it all to their own mood of the moment, or something depressing about the home itself, and may think of making a decorating change or doing some cleaning to freshen things, not understanding the true origin of their displeasure.

There was a portal at this location as well, and this was the source of great intense negativity streaming through the location. The people living in this home are in good shape spiritually, at the moment, and doing well in guarding their energy and holding things at bay. This may not always be the case, and is always an ongoing risk. Moving this portal will be very helpful now because any spirits who come along from the environment will have no particular path or trajectory to bring them through this location. Whereas before, coming through this gateway from another dimension, many spirits were passing through and this is always a danger to those present, simply because they are within the reach of many beings who are frequently malevolent in their intention, and if they are free-roaming in this way, are looking hungrily for human targets to infest as a source of energy to keep them going.

So they will attempt to penetrate the energy field of every human they encounter and will only move on when the attempts fail. With the volume of spirit traffic, this poses an ongoing risk. It is like being in an environment filled with many germs, like a public place where many are coming and going and sneezing and handling and touching things that others will touch, and this becomes an important vector for communicating disease. It is the same with spirit presence and particularly when there is a high traffic level. Spirits vary in their effectiveness in gaining entry. People vary as well in their defenses, and should there be a low ebb because of an emotional upset, this may pass unnoticed and the person can right the ship, so to speak, with a good night’s rest and be stronger the next day.

But if spirits are hovering and streaming by, looking for targets of opportunity, the likelihood goes way up there will be a possession from any lapse in the defensive posture in maintaining the energy field and a strong robust way to deflect any would-be incursions into the personal space of the living people. This is a risk to animals as well, and this has become a problem for the pet dog present who could benefit from a spirit releasement. Other than that, this group is in good shape.