DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReincarnationCathy Byrd is the mother of Christian Haupt, who at the age of two began sharing past life memories of being a “tall baseball player.” Turns out, that “tall baseball player” was none other than Lou Gehrig. Most people will have heard of “Lou Gehrig’s disease” if not Lou Gehrig the famous first baseman for the New York Yankees who played with the home run king, “Babe Ruth,” whose name still adorns a popular candy bar to this very day. Turns out, Cathy herself is the reincarnation of Christina “Mom” Gehrig, the mother of Lou Gehrig, and who was a minor celebrity in her own right at that time. Cathy doggedly pursued every lead her son provided and affirmed that her son was indeed the reincarnation of Lou Gehrig. Once her investigation was complete, she wrote a book called, “The Boy Who Knew Too Much,” sharing with the world the story of her son’s memories and the drama and investigation resulting from it. This is a truly rare account of an American boy with powerful past life memories of being a well-known American celebrity. This has all the hallmarks of a “mission life” for both mother and son. What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is a mission life to the extent that it has come to light the past history of these two who have come together yet again in a reincarnation with the same role of mother and son, but it is entirely ordinary with respect to human life experiences and histories. All of you are reincarnated from prior lifetimes as one thing or another, with one person or many who are in your life currently, almost certainly, because this is how it is conducted. You have a soul group of individuals you belong to, and each incarnation you choose what family to join up with that is already in progress, incarnated on the planet. So those young adults ready to have children and get their family started will have beings in the light choose them and they, in turn, agree to accept them as their young, and then things proceed from there.

Many, many times you are back in life within a family group you have been part of in the past. That, in fact, is routine. There are reasons for this that are meaningful, the first being your soul group are your best friends, and to take on a life in the physical is a challenge and puts you at great risk of karmic missteps and harmful episodes of all kinds. You want to do that among people you know and people you can trust for safety reasons and as a backup in case you run into trouble. You want people who truly care about you through having a deep soul connection so you will be able to rely on them for help if things come to that.

The second way people experience go-rounds in life is on the opposite end of the spectrum, when you have been harmed by a perpetrator and there is a need to work through that karma. It could be a member of your soul group, but it could be an outsider you have been involved with for one reason or another, or in their proximity, and then had a confrontation or mischief conducted that harmed you in a serious way. The Law of Karma will see that as an obligation to rebalance and will bring the two of you together unless it is resisted through preplanning to preclude that from happening. But many times as light beings, and having a broader divine perspective about life and obligations, you will actively choose and agree to be of service to your perpetrator and come back into life again, and put yourself in harm’s way to be around them to give them an opportunity to do better, and thereby heal the prior failings when they preyed on you. This is the measure of divinity you represent as you are an extension, after all, of our consciousness and divine in heritage, so that is not surprising to us, but not known by humanity as a whole.

So the fact that Lou Gehrig came back in an incarnation with the same mother as his prior life as famous ballplayer is a very typical sequence. What makes this stand out, of course, is not just that he was famous, but that in the reincarnation he was so aware of that prior life, and his mother took it seriously and explored the possibilities, and obtained her own independent evidence of the truth she was the mother. Most people never learn about reincarnation in a way that convinces them it is truly how things work. For most, it is something that is a vague Eastern Religion idea but give it no weight in their thinking and, in fact, many of the Eastern traditions are not totally accurate in their perception of what happens, for example, believing that people can reincarnate as animals, and so on—that is not the case.

So this mission life was to bring forward the reality of reincarnation for as many people as possible to help awaken them to this important concept because it is central to understanding life and its purpose. You are here to get somewhere, you have an important soul journey, and you are working on this in life after life to make progress, and that requires an understanding of who you are, where you come from, where you are going, and what you need to be doing along the way, all of which relates to the phenomenon of karma, the Law of Cause and Effect, that projects into the future what you put into the present, whether good or bad. This is the self-correcting and kind of policing mechanism of the universe to keep things orderly and apply an independent and dispassionate force as a way of reckoning with the past to take care of one’s own problems, the mess one has created, or to repair the self when damaged by others, or even by the self through neglect and self-condemnation. These are important opportunities to learn about negativity and obligation and responsibility of the soul for its care and feeding as a sacred duty. All of these teachings depend on being awakened enough to believe the phenomenon is real, and then to believe the divine wisdom behind it.