DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessCheney wrote of Tesla, “The optic screen in his mind stored entire logarithmic tables to be called on as needed.” Brian struggled mightily with math, and failed to become a mechanical engineer himself, largely due to his excessively poor memory for detail—in contrast to Tesla’s optic screen. Brian tries to be philosophical and a good sport about this kind of disparity, but sometimes can’t help feeling a bit of chagrin about how UNFAIR it all seems at times. Most people have two hands and two feet. Why do most people NOT have an optic screen like Tesla? What can Creator tell us?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is an important thing to probe into because the answer is quite shocking and important to know. The reason more people are not visual, let alone have extraordinary visualization capabilities, is that you are in a diminished mode. This is because of manipulation by interlopers that was done to you soon after the creation of humanity. An extraterrestrial race, the Anunnaki, visited your world and performed a genetic alteration, that has been handed down ever since, to dim your abilities, especially regarding the perception and rendering of consciousness and its capabilities within your mind. This greatly limited the intuitive reach and all but closed off your ability to connect to your higher self within the divine realm, let alone be able to talk with Creator directly, which was the original design of the divine human, so that you would be completely connected and tapped in, so you could share your thoughts intuitively with others, you could talk to God for counsel and inspiration, support, and learning, as well as review all that you had done previously, in all your lifetimes when incarnating again and again in the process of learning and growth, to support the enterprise of expansion of possibilities through gaining life experience as a physical human.

That alteration changed everything about the possibilities of doing things that were profound, and even to survive and keep going with the consequences of how you were preyed upon. Having been diminished, this became daunting because that diminishment made you easy to be manipulated, and enslaved in fact. And this took a great toll on everyone from the trauma and diminishment of divine alignment, as a result of being corrupted and given the worst possible examples to follow, because you were heavily controlled and manipulated to incorporate many dark beliefs and low expectations. This will happen from living under tyrants and only being shown what not to do, and suffering as a consequence. Humans have been traumatized again and again in all the lifetimes, hundreds of them typically, but still reincarnate to make the attempt to heal what came before and make forward progress.

So this is something you can rightfully feel cheated about and left out in not having greater capabilities personally, because it ought to be the case that everyone has such gifts readily available in allowing much greater achievements and progress in learning, and making creative contributions of all kinds to human progress. You have paid a high price for becoming corrupted in this way, so it is a healing need that has been unaddressed. For the first time, through the Lightworker Healing Protocol, you have a tool, coupled with Empowered Prayer, and an understanding of what you are facing so prayer can be made for the necessary things to happen, rather than living in ignorance and feeling helpless, and only being able to mount a vague plea for assistance, without the specificity needed to give clear direction to the divine realm so you are in the lead in directing a divine intervention that has any chance of changing things fundamentally for the better. Having the Lightworker Healing Protocol is a game changer—it is time to claim your birthright!