DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessMental abilities amongst people appear as varied as physical differences. Can Creator explain to us how, in spite of such diversity in mental gifts and deficits, Empowered Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol are useful and effective for everyone?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

There is a third piece needing to be added to the list, which is a deeper understanding of why you need Empowered Prayer and why you might need something like the Lightworker Healing Protocol, and that is an awakening, a heightened awareness of where problems come from, what is the origin of evil that corrupts universally to darken things, confound and corrupt, and worsen human institutions and individuals to be less effective, and even working against one another in so many settings, and even on a mass scale, as with warfare—all of this is non-divine and harms everyone.

There are no winners in a world of tyrants, whether singular or collective in their actions. What is needed is healing for the corrupting influence, and primarily and most urgently, to heal the interlopers themselves to give you a breather, to take the knee off your neck, so to speak, so you have room to breathe, can gather your wits, and methodically continue your learning in earnest, and proceed to work on healing all the pieces that have been changed or corrupted, or denied you again and again through many times of trauma, loss, and suffering. That karmic backlog weighs quite heavily on you, individually and collectively, as a species. It will not go away because the Law of Karma will force a reckoning to bring back around to you either the joys of the past, as rewards and blessings from things you have contributed, but will also bring around a revisiting of the pain and suffering you have endured but not dealt with yet.

Most people do not know how to solve problems, but you have not been taught how to do so effectively, and so many lives have gone by with repeated woundings and additional insults adding to the mix to carve them ever deeper into your history, and to make them important karmic characteristics that now are an obstacle in your way because you tend so strongly to reexperience those limitations. What is needed is the awareness you have deficits to fill in, compensate for, and bridge across. Divine Wisdom can be that bridge and the crossing to a higher state of awareness, and a better more level playing field to live the rest of your current life, and future lives can be facilitated by doing extensive healing with divine assistance for all the things that are hindering you that have accumulated through your past history and will haunt you until this is accomplished.

At the moment, the interlopers, in the form of dark spirits and extraterrestrials, who are truly in control of things and actually seeking your annihilation, planned to happen within the next few years, are very much in your way because they cause problems, on a daily basis, through mind control manipulation. And setting many things in motion through making people do the wrong things, in the wrong way, at the wrong times, and the consequences hinder everyone from the inefficiency and the missed opportunities, the lack of progress, and the degradation and wounding that happen instead of a betterment of some kind coming about.

If you can work with healing and prayer to get the interlopers to withdraw, there will be time to heal humanity enough to ascend from the physical realm and leave those problems behind. This will set you free, to have a new glorious era of advancement where you will never again be in harm’s way, in a physical sense, at the mercy of depraved beings like those who control the world and make people into criminals, and worse. That is your destiny, but you must do the work for that to happen. We cannot do it for you. The tools are available; if you embrace them and add your energy to others already underway, working on the problem, you can make a difference and you are greatly needed in order for humanity to prevail. Your choice, like everything else you do or do not do, will be on record and you will live with the consequences, for better or worse.