DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlClearly, the goal of a soul stuck in complacency life after life after life, would be to break out of that routine somehow, someway. Is this one of the greatest challenges there is for Creator, higher-selves and other divine stakeholders in attempting to coax an incarnate individual back onto the path of divine alignment? Without divine healing requested by incarnate humans, how successful are these attempts in general?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is another insightful analysis because the complacency engineered by the interlopers is, in effect, keeping the majority of humanity asleep. They are not able to see the world as it truly is, nor are they motivated to seek information in the form of useful knowledge that could contribute to learning and growth in some way. The complacency makes those things appear irrelevant and people will end up being quite passive and not take advantage of opportunities or seek ways of exploring things and learning something new, taking on something new to try it out and to see what they can gain from the experience because their curiosity becomes compelling and must be satisfied. That will not happen to the complacent individual because they are cut off from inner thoughts and feelings of those kinds. They are, in effect, isolated from their own soul and the communication coming to them from higher sources is so diminished they are largely unaware of the divine and that they are a part of the divine themselves.

This is a tragic loss and is one of the most frustrating and difficult challenges of the divine realm seeking to help humanity because so few humans are awakened and capable of sensing a divine presence, a divine communication through them, to offer insights and assistance in the form of inspiration and encouragement in some way or another. Those who are complacent will have deaf ears and they have blinders on and cannot see truth before them. This is why working on overcoming complacency is such a valuable undertaking because it is a large part of the answer for human progress. Many humans need to be rescued from this somnambulant state if they are to be of service to their brethren and available to add energy to the cause of human betterment. If they stay complacent, their life will have no meaning because they will have contributed nothing to human progress. That is no legacy to leave behind but is happening for most people who never leave a mark and are just biding time without any net progress and all too often a backsliding to some degree. This is a high cost from being complacent, but it is the norm rather than the unfortunate exception.