DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlHuman motivational speakers like the late Dale Carnegie spent their lives attempting to inspire individuals to face their fears and insecurities, and reach for their “dreams” of success, love, and accomplishment. Why are these types fairly rare in our society? Did they need a high level of divine alignment and protection to succeed as well as they did?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is very true and goes a long way towards explaining why such individuals are rare. This is partly why they are noticed and develop quite a reputation and stature of a lofty sort, because such individuals are few and far between who are highly capable and operate in that fashion. To go beyond the normal limitations people accept as a given and break the mold, creates an innovative perspective that rouses people from complacency, and points out the error of simply existing without consequence. And it shows how many interesting and even fascinating endeavors can be arranged to take place and one can participate in those doings without a penalty, and only a modest investment of time and energy, and then will be met by a surprising and powerful bonus in the way of experiencing a joyous outburst of energy that will uplift, instruct, and serve as guidance for people to head in a whole new direction they would not have thought of otherwise.

So there can be a frameshift of great significance when people are given half a chance to show what they can do and if they are awake and see the possibilities, they may well awaken others and make a huge contribution to show people what is possible in breaking the mold to surmount complacency and not only make a splash but leave a legacy that points the way to others developing themselves and accomplishing something important in the bargain. Being a positive role model by showing people the way to break out of complacency, put their reputations on the line, and take bold action will be rewarded again and again because so few are capable of doing so. The bold seeker of truth will always make an impression and will always be revered because it is something everyone would like to do but can’t see how to make it happen—that is the penalty of complacency in a nutshell, but it must be endured or overcome as best one can for there to be any chance of authenticity in living one’s life.