DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divinely Inspired MessengersCreator has emphasized that humans really need to focus on healing the perpetrators. Does the dog soul collective have any message for humans in regards to the Divine Human Project to solve the problem of universal evil?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

If the dogs could speak, they would tell you they are doing their part quite beautifully, whereas humans are often neglectful and unaware of their obligations. The dogs are always on a mission life to raise up those around them, especially their human companions, through giving and receiving love, both. They are teachers showing the way to live that makes life worth living, and setting a standard for humans to emulate in how to deal with one another and be flexible and accepting, and forgiving of mistakes, minor slights, and unforeseen accidents that can happen.

This is especially meaningful when you consider that love is the answer to any problem, even if you are under threat by multiple alien civilizations with designs on your planet, and who are planning to annihilate you eventually, the answer is requesting a return to love for those unfortunate would-be perpetrators to raise them up, to open their hearts to choices they could make if they were capable once again of feeling love and acting on its agenda through appreciating its value and wanting to have more of it, both to be loved and to have love to gift to others because it feels good and makes everyone happy.

The interlopers dragging down your world are loveless beings. They could learn from the dogs as well, were they capable of understanding the power of love to change things for the better. Because they are devoid of love feelings, they are only capable of selfish motives and having power over others as the only self-gratification they can experience. This is a quite limited and stultifying existence that will eventually cause them to perish unless they are saved—that is the role for which humans were created. The dogs were created to remind you of this, that love is the answer, that living through and with and by love are what makes life worth living to begin with, and if you spend your time and ingenuity in finding ways to better give and receive love, everything will expand, everything will be improved, and it will lead you to higher and higher ways of being that will more greatly satisfy and reward all of your efforts and endeavors. This is why humans and their beloved pet dogs make such a great team, they thrive together and they help one another to make the best of life, directly and indirectly, through their loving feelings and behavior that are shared and cherished alike.