DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AgendaCreator in past channelings has stated that population reduction is already underway and has been for some time already. One author commented that there was no future timeline that contained a large Earth population beyond the 21st century. That would ostensibly include any best-case scenario. In terms of practical considerations surrounding all of humanity’s needs for food, shelter, fresh water, etc., can Creator share what the best-case scenario would look like, and does it still involve a significant reduction in the global population by the start of the 22nd century?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

The important thing to keep in mind about the question you ask and the future prophecy in question is that a reduction in human presence could be the consequence of two diametrically opposed scenarios, one being wonderful and the other being dreadful. Because the turning point will happen most likely within the next five years, if the interlopers can be influenced to withdraw, human healing can continue in earnest and we envision no more than two generations, approximately 80 years, would be required in order to reach a level of preparedness that would allow the long-awaited human ascension to a higher dimension to commence. This will rescue everyone and the planet itself and catapult you forward to better times across the board. This will essentially be a magnificent celebration and a reward for many thousands of years of human toil and sacrifice to reach a turning point in the contest against evil.

Unfortunately, the flip side of that coin is if the planning and healing going on now to enlist divine help proves to be inadequate to turn the tide and the annihilation is launched in earnest by the Extraterrestrial Alliance, humanity will be no more in the physical plane and the prophecy will therefore come true, that by the end of the current century the Earth will be devoid of human occupancy. Given that your souls are immortal, you will not die, so that needs to be kept in mind always, that you are not risking your personal demise, only a change in your destiny for a time, and perhaps for a considerable length of time, perhaps many centuries or even billions of years until something is reconfigured to launch another strategy attempting to heal your former interlopers once and for all and solve the problem of evil in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The direction things will take in that eventuality will depend greatly on what has failed and why in the current planning, and that will largely determine as well, the feasibility of solving the problem within the parameters of the current universe and the level of evil that has been unleashed. The entire universe is recallable and can be restarted, which would undo all of those cultures. This would provide a great reset and starting over and would require billions of years to enable cultures to be established and opportunities for free will launched again, and then a monitoring for a quite extended period to chart the course and see if the same problems begin to recur, and then how severe they might become, and at that point a divine rescue mission might be needed along the lines of human creation to provide a divine working force in the physical fresh from the light and eager to help those who have faltered. No doubt many of you who are in the fray, and have been all along in the current go-round, will volunteer for duty once again.

Your souls will live on even through a recycling of the universe, but that is a large price to pay for not getting the job done within a few years yet because it will result in a major setback and that is avoidable. If you can help awaken more people and participate more energetically in healing requests and prayer work yourselves, this can be enough still to turn the tide and influence the interlopers enough to effect a withdrawal. If that happens, it means that the kind of energy used by humanity has been enough to do the job—over time that work will continue but done from the light rather than from the physical side of things, and we expect the continued healing of both the fallen angelics and the extraterrestrials in the alliance who have lost their way through corruption by spirits and needing to get back on track—that healing can continue and be fully successful. If this turning point we want to see is achieved, you will be instrumental in bringing this about. If the current planning is to work out, it will require more diligence and more participation numerically by recruiting more human participants, but this is possible to do still and certainly represents the greatest of incentives to support the enterprise.