DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AgendaGetWisdom is focused on educating and engaging people to learn and practice the Lightworker Healing Protocol, in a concerted effort to AVOID having to go through such calamities. However, those predicting coming catastrophes point to our vulnerability from our dependence on fragile infrastructure and technologies, like the electrical grid, the Internet, and telecommunications. Not to mention, very few people are capable of growing their own food in time to save themselves if there is a massive disruption of commerce. Creator has warned about this as well. What is Creator’s perspective on need for physical preparedness?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

There will continue to be environmental catastrophes of all kinds and this will worsen over time in anticipation of the annihilation event being launched. It is a softening-up phase; it has been going on for some time. The current global pandemic is yet another scourge they have unleashed to work towards thinning the herd and causing, as the highest priority, a financial collapse. Here, too, divine intervention has tempered the severity. There will need to be many disaster relief efforts as usual in the wake of massive storms like hurricanes and tornadoes, the wildfires, and if there are massive earthquakes as well. It is always prudent to have an emergency plan for one’s family—the possibility to evacuate to a safer haven, the storing of some provisions in case stores are closed and there’s no electrical power available.

It is late in the game to think about keeping the world safe, given the ramp up in planning for a mass annihilation of humanity being a few years away, barring an intervention sufficient to stay their hand. Such a huge campaign would need global cooperation for one thing, and that cannot happen under the current world conditions where people are working at odds with one another and at cross-purposes and have divided agendas, mistrust one another, and will simply refuse to cooperate beyond certain current accepted alliances. Most groups are fighting other groups all along the way, and quite bitterly. On the individual level, there are certainly things individuals can do to create a stockpile of stable food that can be stored without refrigeration, for example, some thought to accessibility of uncontaminated fresh water separate from commercial tap water sources that may become shut off down the line, and so on, would provide some immediate creature comforts in the event of the direst circumstances coming about.

Our position has been that if the annihilation is launched it will likely be because the divine intervention has been inadequate to the task because we are focused on prevention, not preparing to fight a war against the extraterrestrials on your behalf. So if the annihilation is launched, the best course by far is to simply not resist, not attempt to become a holdout, and be holed up somewhere that will need to be a rural location in order to buy time, as the initial surveys and search parties will be focusing on the urban centers of mass destruction in a mop-up operation going door to door. Should it come to this, we can tell you life will not be worth living. There is no joy or satisfaction in becoming a hunted animal with nothing to do but ponder your demise and listen for sounds of approaching super soldiers willing to kill you on sight and with advanced technology to ferret you out. Most people at this point have locator chips ingested and this will enable them to be found. Even if they are hiding under a rock somewhere, it will be possible to scan for them aboard low flying aircraft, and then send Mercenary Army Program recruits and human clones to ferret them out and finish them off. So this is why we have not instilled widespread notions of preparedness in the population because it will either be wasted motion that proves to be unutilized in the end, or wasted effort because it will only be a matter of time should they want to find you and add you to the list of the deceased.

We understand this is unpleasant information. What we can tell you is that the history thus far with the ramp up has shown clearly they intend to increase the frequency and intensity of natural disasters as well as human-caused civil strife. Those are good reasons to take safeguards and prepare for rocky times, especially if you are in a seaside location or in an area frequented by wildfires, floods, droughts, blizzards, hurricanes, or tornadoes. This would include earthquake zones and nearby proximity to volcanoes. Any or all of the above will come into play in succession with the ramp up because this is a softening up strategy to deplete society of reserves, to exhaust rescue capabilities, personnel, and deplete stockpiles of emergency equipment and supplies.

When major disasters happen on the heels of others of great magnitude, this puts a tremendous strain on the government resources to provide timely assistance for emergency care and emergency supplies of fresh water and food, as well as temporary housing when many homes are destroyed. Assistance at that level will most likely be needed so the civilians in such areas will be on their own unless they can gain access to the government rescue efforts, otherwise they may well suffer until such time as the relief parties reach their location. History has shown this can be a lengthy interval, depending on the local conditions and the degree of interference engineered by the interlopers to confound rescue services, which is standard operating procedure to increase inefficiency and raise the level of suffering. So knowing these are the plans, you can apply common sense with regard to your level of vulnerability and think about having an emergency plan that would suit you and your family.