DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialCreator, tell us about Eddie Van Halen. He was arguably with guitars what Mozart was with pianos. Yet, like Elton John, a talented keyboard artist, instrumentals came easy to him, but not so much the lyrics. Both unbelievably talented musicians would partner with others who were equally talented lyric writers. In some ways this seems strange, as many less talented instrumentalists seem to manage well with both music and lyrics. Can Creator comment on this puzzling disparity?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Here again, what you are seeing is a state of partial completion. The talents being expressed are what are allowed to be present at a high level through a combination of factors in terms of the intention of the mission life as well as to balance the needed elements for the divine plan to take into account the karmic baggage of each participant, their liabilities, their limitations and constraints dictated by prior excursions into the physical and the many wounds that were experienced and left unhealed. This is why each person is diminished, their karma is not in sufficient alignment to allow them to be superhuman. You are all wounded warriors from having had many forays into the physical with high hopes and aspirations, only to fail for the most part. And in the act of being dragged down, wounded and incurring karmic liabilities of all kinds from neglect of the self primarily, as well as being unfair to others in the attempt to survive, and from not receiving proper guidance and duped into supporting evil activities like being part of a hierarchy dominating underlings, contributing to war, and so on.

As a consequence, very few are multitalented, so the ability to be a virtuoso on a musical instrument is an extraordinary enough occurrence and achievement to give that person a platform to be an uplifting influence to others. For them to be rewarded in addition with high intelligence, good looks, the sensitivities of the poet and lyricist, and the deep musical insight and sensitivities to create music that is novel and advances human culture in a dramatic way, perhaps along with great intelligence and business acumen to be a mover and shaker in the music world and create a dynasty for supporting other artists—this is extremely unlikely because it would require a quite pristine state karmically in order to not have liabilities of many kinds still unresolved and needing to be worked on. It is almost always the case that a large part of the struggle all have, including those who dominate stage and screen, will bring quite a struggle personally to overcome their inner demons, so to speak, and wrestle with those karmic dynamics that represent obstacles to success and advancement. So each individual has their own things to reckon with as karma is inescapable and will always be seeking opportunities to right the wrongs of the past and sometimes that will mean a sacrifice, as in the loss of talent along the way despite the promise of being a shooting star as a youngster.