DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialProdigies are rare on Earth. Are they equally rare in the rest of the universe, and in the divine realm as well?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

What you are seeing in the prodigy is some of the talent of the light being, so in the light and in the higher dimensional realms of beings throughout the universe there is a universal display of excellence and high-level abilities of all kinds, for the creation of many kinds of artistic expression, including music and many novel uses of energy beyond your current awareness. The reality is the divine human is a prodigy in its own right. You are biased to believe that is a quite rare thing when people have an outsized talent but, as we explained to you, you are in an upside down world where what is average is a diminishment and a disparagement and a squelching of talents of all kinds to create a lowest common denominator of subjugation and depletion. The normal ability of the light being is far beyond your imaginings so, in effect, the talents of the prodigy that are so amazing are a preview of coming attractions, because when you pass on you will return to being a prodigy yourself and will once again reclaim your faculties and the greater power you enjoy when you are not here in the physical.