DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divinely Inspired MessengersDo dogs perceive the difference in their waking existence and dream life as starkly as we perceive ours?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

Dogs lack the higher intellectual processing capability of human and simply accept things as they seem to be, as reality, without agonizing over the details or considering larger meaning. They are highly attuned to nature and everything they perceive through their senses as holding fascination and delight in the experiencing and have natural inner yearnings for companionship and the expression of love, particularly for members of their pack, human or canine, and this may include other pets in the home if dogs are allowed to interact with and bond with them.

For humans, there is an overlay of intellectual processing that can mislead many times and encourage people to disconnect from their emotional reaction to things and to disconnect from their intuitive sensing about things as well. This can lead to humans having a very sterile and disconnected life, lived in quite artificial environments, when people are designed to fit in with nature and be immersed in nature as not only an environment but a way of life. Modern living robs humans of this natural interplay, and to the extent dogs share the unnatural habitat of most humans, are somewhat deprived as well. That is why going for walks together is so highly enjoyable, both for humans and the animal companion, because the return to nature, even in a temporary and small way, has a deep satisfying benefit to both beings.