DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divinely Inspired MessengersMany dogs sleep up to 16 hours a day. Is dream life a larger activity for dogs than humans? Can Creator share how the sleep experience for dogs differs, and what similarities are shared with humans?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

Dogs have a more profound life experience in some ways than humans and the sleep time is one arena where this is certainly the case. Dogs spend a large amount of time sleeping, not only because it is restorative, as is true for humans in allowing the body to stand down and lower its metabolic functions and take care of needed repairs, but this also provides plenty of time available to process the day’s events through dreams as a way of purging the system of negativity. Dogs are much more efficient at this than humans and will gain more as a consequence of their dreaming than is true for human beings, where it can be both a kind of way to process and drain away negativity, but also oftentimes a way to agonize over dilemmas without a seeming solution, and in that way perpetuate and even exacerbate recurring fears and anxiety about life situations and perceived personal shortcomings, and so on.

An outstanding example of the difference between dogs and humans in what they do during their sleep time is their ability to travel beyond the body by their consciousness. This astral travel enables dogs to return to the divine realm where they can have a reunion with friends and companions of all kinds, and all kinds of species. This is a privilege denied humans because of the defect in their intuitive reach. While humans can sometimes experience astral travel, it is much more limited in scope, as much by lack of awareness of the possibilities this phenomenon represents as being a limit on their reach, but most people never experience this phenomenon at all because they are too restricted through the defects in the workings of their non-local consciousness, and this is a significant aspect of the human dilemma.

Creator’s Plan was to have humans as they were first made to operate, to be in close communication with Creator, and to have the same experience during sleep as still done by the dogs in going home during the night. This is denied to human beings and becomes a part of the inner yearnings and the growing disaffection and sadness during life in being cut off from the divine. It is a tragic loss and a degradation of human experience all suffer, because of what has been done to them by the interlopers to alter the human genome to prevent a significant intuitive reach beyond certain levels, even for those seemingly quite gifted with psychic abilities, but of course most humans have little perceptible intuitive reach. There is some present in everyone that is taken for granted and usually only influencing them subliminally. This is a major reason why dogs are usually quite happy compared to the average person—they are unhindered in these important respects.