DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious MindDoes memory reconsolidation only happen to thoughts and experiences of the upper subconscious and conscious mind levels? If so, that would in some ways protect the self from the constant ruminations of the deep subconscious doing so much worrying about what is in the akashic records.
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

This perspective is correct. It is only what happens during the waking state that goes into the repository of long-term memory. Otherwise, the constant ruminations of the deep subconscious would severely strain the memory repository and much of what would be stored would be of little future value because it is ruminations and perseveration about prior suffering to such a large degree that it would be simply a storehouse of painful consequences to no good purpose. The source of the pain is already on record within the akashic records and that need not be duplicated within the working mind and memory of the person back in a physical reincarnation.

The normal process is to simply review what is on file and then take action accordingly to modify thinking and actions if warranted or to perhaps sound an alarm if this seems to have predictive value and a person is feeling vulnerable and threatened, but the process of reviewing the records and sounding the alarm will not become a long-term memory through the process of reconsolidation. In this sense, the deep subconscious is, in a way, independent of time. It is floating in its own ocean disconnected from other levels of the mind other than the higher self providing distant oversight, but unable to do a large degree of intervention on its own being a member of the divine realm and bound by rules of engagement to honor all free will choices of the person. So the best it can do is some coaching, some nudging, and some reminders that trouble will likely be brewing if the person is considering a bad choice that causes harm to the self or others and send a pang of conscience through the system as a warning, but it cannot carry out a precise, detailed, long-term agenda to help reconfigure the person and restore them, unless there is deep healing requested and specific requests made for restoration of function that would grow new capabilities, and so on.

So the deep subconscious is witnessing the present in the reactions from the upper subconscious and conscious self and seeing their ruminations about past and future potentials and is privy to what is in the collective unconscious and the akashic records as well, of all the doings and interactions with others proceeding on multiple timelines. All of this witnessed input is grist for the mill, so to speak, and will seem immediate and relevant. That is not faulty thinking because it will be karmically relevant even if coming from a quite different timeline.

This is part of the illusion of time, that the perceived present moment is what matters most. That is simply an inner bias of the conscious perception. To the deep subconscious, it is all of equal relevance and equal importance, so in that sense, the deep subconscious exists in a kind of timeless state of being. And this is part of why the events taking place on other timelines can have a great impact, it is because the deep subconscious believes this to be so and, in effect, makes it happen through its reaction to what it is reviewing within the akashic records. This is not a flaw, functionally speaking, because it is karma that runs things and karma must always be reckoned with. So if there is a karmic dilemma discovered by the deep subconscious in its ruminations, that does not mean the self has gotten off-track, as sooner or later it will be forced to reckon with that event. So whether it is done now or later is a minor issue because there will be a compelling need to reckon with it.

So the deep subconscious in its willingness to embrace any and all difficulties it comes across is simply doing its job—to go to work on them to the best of its abilities and to alert other parts of the self about the important issues arising in whatever way it can do so indirectly because of the disconnect limiting communication directly. So it is, in many ways, a perfect system, but humans are burdened by an imperfect communication network to help all parts of the being work together seamlessly with a shared awareness of all pertinent information. The disconnect is the problem; there is nothing wrong with the mind or the parts of the mind per se; they are doing the best they can, given flawed, incomplete, and often distorted information to work with.