DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial ImpostersDoes the divine realm ever work to “turn” a Reptilian replacement with empathy for who they replaced?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

While that would be an ideal goal, in actual practice it is practically impossible to do directly as described. The reason for this is empathy is not possible for the Reptilian. Only after a considerable healing effort will these beings be capable of giving any weight to benefiting another of their own kind instead of themselves. So they will never give favor or kindnesses to a human counterpart—it is quite the opposite. Not only are they always seeking to have the advantage, they are always seeking to exploit that advantage to cause the maximum amount of suffering to all humans as they can. Healing is the answer but it is not easy to achieve the engineering of acts of compassion among the extraterrestrials interacting with humanity. It is easiest to persuade them to do something to help themselves that has a secondary human benefit, so this requires some quite elegant strategy by the divine realm to assist humanity under such difficult circumstances. But trust us when we tell you, “We are up to the task.” Eventually, even the darkest of the extraterrestrials will be raised up through healing if humanity keeps going and more join the cause to use the Lightworker Healing Protocol.