DWQA QuestionsCategory: Problems in SocietyDoes the Extraterrestrial Alliance work actively to engineer human impoverishment through asset stripping in collusion with the dark spirits? How effective has this been in undermining humanity?
Nicola Staff asked 9 months ago

This is very much the case that the Extraterrestrial Alliance have their fingerprints all over your money. This has been done down through the ages and orchestrated by those in power. In today’s world, the governments are the money lenders and moneychangers, in effect, through their taxations and their welfare programs, creating dependence of many in the public. And this keeps people impoverished because of its enabling their dissolution and, in effect, rewarding complacency. This phenomenon is well known—the trap of welfare handouts in the absence of work requirements, with work and independence as a goal, if at all achievable. There are always those who lack physical means to work, or who are emotionally disturbed and simply cannot function adequately to maintain employment. Those individuals need support and caring for by loving fellow humans who simply understand the humanitarian perspective is what is called for when someone has such a calamity befall them. It is the divine thing to do, to help someone in need who cannot help themselves. So there are many, many ways that undermining people financially causes further harm and a further degradation of their vibration and undermines the entirety of their future as a consequence.

All through history money has flowed to the top tier through taxation, through confiscation of land and wealth of individual citizens, putting many industries under government control and supervision, and prior to that, control of the royal family or the rulers of the day, guaranteed that the flow of financial resources would go towards the top, where it could be managed and controlled with an iron hand. The financial system entirely is constructed to manipulate, to coerce, and to fool people into all kinds of ventures that put their money at risk, and end in its transfer to the super rich. These individuals are often in league with the Cabal and will be in service to the Anunnaki bloodline whose members are among the super wealthy. And this is all designed to take place through many schemes affecting the exchange of money and who benefits.

All of the negative manipulations of human have the additional downside of interfering with making a living and accumulating individual wealth. When one has a string of serious illnesses, and must pay their medical bills—given the many faulty healthcare systems and provisions, people become destitute simply to stay alive at times. And this is yet another way to bleed people’s finances and make them increasingly vulnerable, which is a desired goal of the Extraterrestrial Alliance. It is a slow death of society by depleting people, one by one. Eventually the entire society cannot sustain its normal functions, and will become disorderly, and decadent, and then decay, rapidly or slowly, as the case may be. The orchestration of many natural disasters serves in this also. It need not kill many outright to be effective, because causing billions of dollars of property loss and damage changes lives forever to the negative. And many will have shortened lives because of the added stress and the increased hazards their life will face in the absence of financial resources to maintain stability, and to pay for safeguards and protection, and often even minimal healthcare. When one is destitute and at the mercy of the state, one is at greater risk of early death because the advanced and sophisticated treatments will not be available. The monitoring and oversight of healthcare providers will be more constrained, so the care will be sporadic and uneven in quality, all of which can take a further toll.

When people cannot provide for their family, and then become homeless, those lives are changed forever, going through the experience. Some will save themselves, and may even be strengthened in character from the ordeal, but many will have a worsening of things. If they must turn to crime in order to eat, or to escape from the homeless lifestyle, they are in danger of a more severe curtailment of their life experience, and many will die young from the accumulated neglect and stress, living a marginal existence from lack of funds. This is a deliberate intention to cause an ongoing attrition through all sorts of negative consequences of financial lack.