DWQA QuestionsCategory: Problems in SocietyIs asset stripping, the intentional impoverishment of human beings, an active strategy of the spirit meddlers and if so, for what purposes?
Nicola Staff asked 9 months ago

The spirit meddlers routinely make suggestions of all kinds, that will get their host into trouble. These are often just the emotional undermining causing people to give up hope, and not see to their responsibilities, and this often results in a financial consequence to the negative. If they become unable to work they may well become destitute in the end. If they make poor decisions because they are tired, they are disheartened and lose their judgment, and become neglectful because they are at a low ebb emotionally, and lack the normal vigilance, which takes energy after all, the human will be at risk. The spirits know this will cause the host trouble, and increase the emotional anguish. And this is highly desired by the spirit meddlers because they know they are working against the light, and causing damage to that perspective in the host and, in return, will gain personally from the energy of the emotional anguish, calling in reinforcements energetically, some of which will be siphoned off by the spirits as a kind of reward for their misbehavior. So it is a double win for them to harm their host in this way.