DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaDr. Viktor Frankl wrote: “Every one of us knows somehow that the content of his life is somehow preserved and saved.” If the taking of an oath is an affirmative deed that becomes recorded for all of time in the akashic records, one can never get away from it completely, and at the very least, the event will always be in the recorded history of the soul. What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This comment from Frankl is quite perceptive and a deep awareness of the truth of what we teach about the akashic records being a repository of all that takes place, throughout the universe in fact; it is indelible and will persist for all of time. This is yet another reason that life is serious business, even with the frivolities and the ineptitude, and at times reckless and cavalier attitude of the young, lacking maturity and wisdom, who get themselves in trouble taking on more than they can handle and not having the strength of character as yet to follow through and honor commitments, and so forth. As a light being, you are fully aware of the value of failure as a learning opportunity, but this does not mean no one cares about failing or that failing is viewed positively. That is just a consolation prize, so to speak, that it is one of the best teachers, to undergo failure, and in fact it is the pain it causes that drives home the lesson all too often. So it is obviously not the best choice or path to growth and learning, to be too casual about the possibility of failure, knowing that there will be second chances in most cases and a future opportunity to prevail and do better.

Those who do things carefully and in earnest, and have a passionate commitment to living in divine alignment, will excel and will achieve far greater accomplishments than those who might be reckless or indifferent to the possibility of failure. The very fact they might not feel as bad about the consequences may well be a demonstration of incomplete development and maturity, so this is not to be trivialized by ignoring the realities of failure and its consequences nor one’s personal responsibility, and perhaps a duty to others to make amends who might be harmed in some way indirectly by one’s failings. All of those consequences are a reflection on the character and divine alignment of the individual, so it is an indicator of relative progress and attainment. Whether a person is even sensitive to where they stand is yet another indicator of their discernment, degree of wisdom they enjoy, and the level of capability they have developed to deal with life and meet its challenges with success, or at least acceptable levels of accomplishment commensurate with their experience level and past history.

It is good to know the universe works this way, that everything goes on record. It is a time-proven system to keep things honest and provide a level playing field, as this is another way of leveling things out so wrongdoers do not gain an unfair advantage by cutting corners, so to speak, in an attempt to get ahead. Eventually, it will all come out in the open and anything taken away from others unfairly to gain a personal advantage will be seen for what it is, a kind of cheating, and there will be a day of reckoning, and the Law of Karma will enact a penalty for all who do so. Promises in the form of an oath become quite important given that reality, that there will be nowhere to hide if one fails to live up to their promises.