DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceGiven the dangers of ultrasound, do we need to specifically mention all human embryos and fetuses in the LHP client list or are these developing human bodies already covered as part of humanity? To what extent does the embryo and/or fetus need protection, independently of and before the human soul becomes more fully connected to its developing future body?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

The Protocol will include the developing fetus of humans in gestation because of its broad reach. The embryo and fetus are both developing humans but with varying completion with respect to the soul being fully in residence or only having a tentative connection. The moment of conception is the decision point to assign a soul to the developing embryo. That is but the first of many energetic consequences that take place. There is an ongoing energetic connection during the growth of the embryo with the mother and the family unit, and this strengthens the attachment to the embryo, and then the fetus, of information flowing the repositories of consciousness as the new life is a member of the human community and has a past history coming from the soul assigned to inhabit the new body. So karmic imprints, the energetic signatures of previous events in the history of that soul being coming in, will be flowing from the akashic record to the body energy plane and then to the rudimentary thought plane of the fetus and will be sensed energetically by the deep subconscious that is present in a partial form in the early stages of gestation.

The full consciousness is not present until the third trimester, the time of quickening, so the deep subconscious is also fully developed at that point and fully able to see the tea leaves and read them, so to speak, by going to the akashic record, gathering up the past history for the incoming soul’s purview and a review by the consciousness assigned to the soul extension of the incarnated being. All along the way, there are potential benefits from applying healing energy to help keep things in balance. As the complexity grows, so will the potential negative influences grow to the extent they are present or streaming in, so there will be value all during gestation of having Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions working on the new infant as it progresses.