DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialHe asks: “Can, for example, a “naturally” impatient person train themselves to become more patient using willpower and self-reflection? The nature/nurture debate appears to lack a complete understanding of the factors involved, such as cellular consciousness and soul attribute expression.” What can Creator tell us?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago
What you point out are the true driving force for what an individual can do or not do, with respect to their makeup and their flexibility, to meet challenges and be successful in gaining ground and prevailing against opposing forces seeking to constrain or limit their progress. This consideration of cellular consciousness brings into play an additional variable in the equation, which is the extent to which people themselves become corrupted to further limit their capabilities. This happens through the inculcation of limiting beliefs, negative beliefs that rob a person of power and personal effectiveness by misdirecting themselves. In a sense, they are following a faulty instruction set that will steer them in the wrong direction, encourage them to do the very worst things at times, and, in effect, disempower the individual. Those negative beliefs are a road hazard because they can arise from many circumstances. In part, this is usually a complex equation as well, in terms of how much damage karmic trauma produces. If a person is standing strong, even a formidable challenge may be deflected and cause minimal injury, and that ability to stand strong is a testament to the soul profile, and its makeup, and implies a person who has less damage and corruption to their makeup. People were not created to fail, they were created to thrive and expand our consciousness, in a semi-autonomous way, with great freedom and independence. When people get sidelined and fall by the wayside, this is a consequence of manipulation or self-hindrance from becoming misguided or so wounded that it begins to cloud judgment and impair a person, because of suffering and becoming weakened. The memories of such travails, when stored in cellular consciousness as well as various levels of memory, can pile up and become a considerable source of limitation that will more likely influence a greater chance for personal failure than success. So they are a force to reckon with, and that is not amenable to being overridden simply by willpower, gritting one's teeth, and going against what has become one's own nature and, if that is a diminished person, will have a diminished outcome, so this is a complex matter, indeed.