DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlThe term, “Achilles’ heel” is commonly used to represent one’s most vulnerable spot or weakness that could bring about a downfall. Greek mythology describes the tragic weakness of Achilles, a powerful figure in the Trojan War, dying from a mortal wound to his heel. Was that based on a true story of a military leader felled by extraterrestrial manipulation of what is now called the Achilles’ tendon, which can produce a crippling injury when ruptured?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago
Your intuition is serving you well and the information you have gained from your channeling has created a body of knowledge allowing you to extrapolate further, and that is the virtue of the exercise as you learn and grow. Our assistance is never truly in the lead but only filling in the blanks you define by perceiving there is a missing piece and asking about it directly. That is a necessity for advancing through our assistance because we must always honor human free will and choices, and not lead too greatly but only augment what is a human choice and intention to some degree. So this was a mythical tale, presumably, but one based on the reality of a long-ago leader who was a powerful figure and, in fact, quite godlike, being held in awe and revered by others. He was a powerful warrior, in the bargain, and when he went into battle at a key juncture in history and was slain, it was done by first crippling him through rupturing his Achilles tendon, and in a direct way hobbling him and hindering his effectiveness, not only to win the battle but even defend himself effectively. This was witnessed and talked about, and was a quite shocking turn of events, that a small injury, not even visible from the outside of the body, was his undoing. The rest is a kind of parable, a story of strength and weakness, that was filled in with detail to create a symbolic representation of vulnerability being a point of demarcation between godlike and mortal capabilities. It is also a historical touchstone because that particular strategy has been used again and again, all through human history, to hinder human progress on an individual basis when a physical action is of critical importance and getting injured has dire consequences, even lethal ones. As you know, and having probed this, it is commonly done by extraterrestrials against professional athletes to affect the outcomes of athletic contests in ways they want to see happen, as a source of sowing confusion and unhappiness, which is always a goal of their manipulations.