DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AgendaHe further asks: “Now that my wife has given up on the idea of having children, might that ironically relieve any pressure, so that she might become pregnant “when we least expect it?” My higher self once told me in a channeling that our original plan was to have three children. Is there still a plan to have any now, at this late date, given extraterrestrial plans, and our increasing age as potential parents?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

The original plans remain in force until you decide to override them, so the decisions are still yours to make. The higher self will not impose anything on you but will encourage you to follow prior planning in many circumstances despite the ups and downs of life that can make you pessimistic at times, and resist doing something you were expecting would be easy and would be of great benefit, but now you see as having some liabilities attached, potentially. This again is life unfolding, it is complicated, it is messy, and it is a mixed blessing because you are in the physical realm where evil has the upper hand much of the time.

This is the life you have chosen, warts and all, but you have a say because it is about you and it is for you and it must still fit and make sense with your current perspectives. You can change course at any time with any decisions about your life if you have misgivings. This cannot be chosen for you; you must weigh the variables here as best you can. We cannot tell you the future because we ourselves do not know. We cannot telegraph an outcome even to help you from yourself, as that would be a disservice to others and ultimately to you as well, because then we would be running your life and not you. So at the moment, everyone must live with the loose ends represented by having so many dark things unfolding and not knowing whether the divine support will be sufficient to turn the tide here. We very much want to see that happen and will do our utmost; if you trust in that, you can do worse than aligning with the divine in every way you can, including wanting to be part of the solution and working towards it diligently with all that you do, including putting your lives on the line and the lives of any children you may bring into the world—it is up to you and your dear wife what you can live with.