DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaHitting rock bottom is the hard way to overcome everyday irrationality. Can Creator share how prayer work and the Lightworker Healing Protocol provide an easier way to resolve our not so benign idiosyncrasies?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

There are much easier and better ways to turn one’s life around than waiting until you are truly exhausted, depressed, and depleted to the extent you are suffering tremendously, and the obstacles in the way of improvement seem far too great to overcome. It is far better to start whenever there is an inner impulse to have a better life and act then and there to reach up to the Almighty and ask for help to increase your belief, increase your inner inspiration and guidance, increase the support you will need, as well as to request healing for what has been holding you back, and protection from outside manipulation that will work against you if not reined in by the divine realm. In a sense, it is “one-stop shopping” for all that is needed to be successful in life.

You are already well-equipped from the makeup of your soul alone to do anything you need to as a human being. If things are not working in your life, it is the local conditions, the temporary circumstances, the particular environment you inhabit and its history, and your sum total of life experience that has befallen you, perhaps from growing up in a dysfunctional family or having some other obstacles. And that often is entirely personal and internal in having so much baggage from other lifetimes that it becomes overwhelming and incapacitates a person without their having fired a shot, so to speak, in the current life, or really having insurmountable obstacles from an external source. But if they buckle internally, they will become vulnerable and will begin to fail in not meeting society’s expectations and the consequences will mount over time in not finishing school perhaps, or not being able to hold down a job without being fired again and again because they are troubled and therefore become erratic and unreliable, and so they become their own worst enemy with a string of failures.

Working on the problem immediately and often, is always the ticket to a speedier recovery and regaining control over things, and eventually moving in a positive direction that will save the day for you. Through a combination of prayer and using the Lightworker Healing Protocol to enable deep karmic healing, you have the ingredients and the tools needed to overcome most any problem, if it is doable at all. There are some people for whom failure will be a karmic repayment and is simply in the cards because the higher self sees the person must atone for something and it is better to just get it over with in the current life so the next one will be smoother and successful finally.

But with the advent of these healing tools, more and more things become accessible and can be dealt with through receiving divine grace made possible through forming a partnership with the divine. That changes the equation because healing does not have to happen through “giving a pound of flesh” any longer, it can be done through a conscious requesting of greater understanding and wisdom and a healing applied for the self and others wronged in other times and places on behalf of the requester. And this the divine realm can see to, to help put back what was denied to the person, or they themselves withheld in the form of loving kindness, and this will deal with restoring things to the balance needed by the universe and will satisfy the Law of Karma that you have truly healed and restored your part of the universe, as is your obligation. It works because you are not a passive supplicant and recipient, you are actively addressing the problem in reaching out to the divine, taking responsibility, and applying your intelligence to claim your birthright as an extension of divine consciousness and stepping into your true role as a divine emissary here to heal and expand the human enterprise. You will gain and all in the human family will be the better for your efforts.