DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaHow can I best help my client who has inflammation impairing healing of his right leg and hip? What are the prospects for resolving this condition?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

He can benefit from having the Lightworker Healing Protocol done for him. Further work with deep subconscious channeling would be helpful as well, to hasten benefits, but it is likely to be a long-term prospect because of the nature of the underlying karma. He indeed, has had multiple lifetimes engaged in warfare and this underlies his affinity for things military, but it is not without karmic consequences. As you know, there is always a karmic penalty from supporting military adventures of all kinds, regardless of their justification. This is simply the workings of energy. What is non-divine is not divine, and is that simple. There are mitigating factors, but never total. When individuals take up arms, whether directly as a combat soldier or indirectly as a military leader, their karma will flow from all that happens in their name and because of their energetic participation. That is what is aggravating his leg. It is very much worth working on because it is important to end this now if at all possible, as it will continue to make him vulnerable in future lifetimes unless this is done. So any amount of healing effort is worth launching in the current life to get this long-term healing underway.