DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaHow do the phenomena of cellular memory of the body and cellular memory of the mind, differ from thought forms and free-floating memories?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

These are all separate and distinct phenomena, although they represent the challenges in discussing esoteric phenomena that are all, in one way or another, related to consciousness and its workings. So it is good to have this discussion to keep things in perspective and better define the points of differentiation. As we have explained before, thoughts are things. They are a form of energy that is a creation of the human mind and will remain in existence once launched. They may only be present within the thought plane of the individual or might be shared with the collective unconscious of all human thoughts, but they are not within cellular memory, although can be registered there if the thoughts pertain to something of significant karmic impact that is needing to be stored, along with links to an emotional consequence, as happens during a trauma. So trauma-related thoughts will often accompany the creation of an energetic signature within cellular consciousness, that will likely also be connected to the akashic records to complete the recording of what took place, to make it accessible to the workings of the law of karma in seeking a rebalancing eventually. This is how living beings are interacted with to keep things honest and keep them working on correcting mistakes that might happen along the way, or poor choices that have unintended consequences, up to and including even deliberate acts of evil causing harm. All need to be rebalanced to allow a healing. So to have them on record is the first order of business that is achieved through the persistence of conscious thought as a discrete energy containing information, as well as the storage in the repositories of consciousness, or in the environment if that is appropriate karmically. It is kind of like a cording, so dark thoughts in a location where some traumatic event occurs will leave behind thought forms, and cordings to the energetic signature of the drama, and the two will resonate with one another. The driving force is the karma of what took place. Where it is registered, how it has interconnections among different repositories of consciousness and levels of the mind and body, are simply details and parts of the mechanistic basis of energy having consequences.

The same is true of free-floating memories. They are a perception through conscious awareness of something unwanted, something unpleasant, something with an energy attached that is negative in nature, and as such remains an aspect of consciousness that poses a difficulty in the sense it will darken the environment a person is within, if the energy from the free-floating negative memories comes into awareness, or begins to resonate because of a shift in emotional mood state or a return to the scene of a crime, so to speak. Those free-floating memories will be recognized and surveyed by the deep subconscious mind, and perhaps by cellular consciousness depending on the nature of the cordings in place. But they are not created by cellular consciousness nor stored within it. There is a repository for these separate phenomena. So cellular consciousness is a discrete zone of energetic existence and awareness with links to parts of the being by design, but separate from ordinary memory and the existence of free-floating memories that are beyond the mind and not a part of the normal memories. And the same is true of thought forms that can be internal, but are usually external and are corded in some way to their originator.