DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlHow does multiple personality disorder occur? Is it caused by the soul leaving the body many times due to trauma and why do these new personalities appear or why are these personalities created?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

In a sense, this is a good follow‑on question for the previous discussion about the possibilities in being a creator of worlds. In a sense, you are a creator of your persona. You are a complex high‑level consciousness constrained to fit within a physical matrix of energy that is more crystal in nature than the pure energy in its vibration. As a being, you have an individual and unique soul. What is expressed in your physicality is a tiny, tiny proportion of your soul on display, that in turn is constrained greatly by the limits of the physical body and, in particular, the fact it has been corrupted to disconnect your spiritual core from the soul level and the higher self, as the oversight and guardian of your existence, and the interface with Creator for many, many ongoing housekeeping needs.

This physical existence is not only constrained, it is abnormal, because of this manipulation and the alterations that ensued. The greatest source of multiple personality disorder is the division and the gap between the deep subconscious mind and the conscious level of awareness. This results in a split existence, already starting at the very beginning, where you do not know what part of you is doing, ever. And that part of you has a vulnerability to become distorted and, in an effort to deal with an ongoing assault, may elect to fragment as a strategy for coping, to keep the being going, and bear the burden by assigning a portion of the mind to deal with the attack, and thereby shield the rest of the being, at least to some extent. And if this is successful, will be a way to manage things, at least for a time. There will be consequences down the line, energetically, because there is only so much inner reserve one can mount for such a purpose, but this can go on indefinitely throughout a lifetime.

There can be multiple fragmentations that occur in this way. This is typical for each and every person but usually to a relatively small degree of separation. It is a small portion of the mind designed more as a holding action than to be a working partner in ongoing activities and, as such, has little power within the individual other than trying to constrain a difficult experience and its pain, and house it so it does not contaminate the whole of the being, and drag the person down unduly and put them at risk. It is a compensation intended to create safety. It is a buffer—a way of putting a Band‑Aid on the problem in a sense so it is out of sight, less likely to be bumped into and cause pain—but it is an imperfect solution. The multiple personality phenomenon is an extended experiencing of this fragmentation where the fragment is of a larger magnitude and carries with it a conscious desire to become an active role taker within the person’s life.

This can be desired by the self, or it can be done at the behest of someone attempting to control the person, and inducing the fragmentation through a barrage of assaults of various kinds. This can be done by extraterrestrials and it can be done by human beings seeking manipulation and a way to corrupt the person and use them for a sinister purpose. It is not a true leaving of the soul. That is a kind of metaphorical understanding and interpretation of this process of mind fragmentation. In a sense it is a walling off, and a separation of the being, so that it is further subdivided. And if you think about this from an energetic standpoint, and from the view of wanting to fully understand and experience and have one’s wits about them, as well as one’s full power to take action and to live and express the being, any sort of fragmentation will be in the negative. It may be useful in allowing a coping but it will come at a cost, and that is what happens with the multiple personality scenario, where the part of the person has only limited understanding and awareness in its own right, and cannot act in the stead of the individual as a whole, and will always have an element of faulty logic and faulty execution of whatever it takes on. And that is because of its state of incompleteness.

So it is an aberration. It is an abnormal state of being and it has utility for those who would subvert the individual, and choose to make them perform in some way, by a portion of their being that may be out of conscious awareness altogether. And that is why this can have sinister purposes that are of value to controllers of human beings—physical or extraterrestrial, or spirit in form by the dark spirit cohort. They can induce this kind of fragmentation directly. The extraterrestrials can do it through psychic intrusion into the subconscious and through reinforcement by technological means, and human controllers—largely the military and intelligence community seeking operatives to manipulate and exploit, as well as some rogue elements in the psychology community who understand the approaches being used and may decide to do so unilaterally to have someone to exploit in a slave‑like fashion, and as is done by certain cult groups as well.

This makes up an array of possible origins of the phenomenon. It is not a normal coming and going of the soul from the person and, in fact, is more of a soul separation phenomenon than an activity of the soul, per se. It is a manipulation and distortion of the projection of consciousness coming from the soul, and a part of the working element of consciousness within the energetics of the physical human. So it is a local phenomenon in that regard, but acts in a sense as a departure, because the individual is literally subsuming themselves, or being subsumed by a portion of the being acting in their stead, when a portion of the being emerges as an alter self. This is never healthy but is manipulated to take place always. It is never a choice of the being to live in a fragmented state.