DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialIf we are immortal souls just living for a short while in these human bodies and then going back to source potentially to reincarnate anywhere else we choose, why is it so important to prevail in this fight down here? If the bad extraterrestrials win and humans are decimated or destroyed, would that not just mean that our souls no longer have the choice to come here, but would go elsewhere? In other words, why does this matter?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

What matters is directly related to the previous question and answer, about the magnificence of your destiny should this continue on its intended and foreseen and planned‑for path to an ultimate greatness for each and every human being. To have divine‑level capability and have the freedom and independence to truly make of it something of your own devising and creation is the most magnificent and greatest level of loving support and encouragement and gifting of capability that is possible for us to bestow on anyone. The worlds in existence throughout the universe not only are unlike this one, they have built‑in limitations and constraints that you do not. They are more advanced, many of them, by virtue of being in divine harmony. That is not the same as saying they are in a mode of greater authority or ability to expand and express their consciousness. It is simply they are not struggling and suffering because they do not have to contend with darkness at the extremes present in your world, but it is a safe haven they enjoy. It is a sheltered world, a circumscribed world in which such things are not allowed to happen.

And it is very much like a nursery overseen by loving adults who keep this a sheltered environment and see very, very carefully to every potential source of difficulty and every ongoing need of those in their charge, to have a sturdy containment in a building that protects the young from the elements—with regulated temperature, regulated humidity, adequate lighting, fresh air and safe furniture to house the young—and uplifting atmosphere with bright colors, with chances to experience music at intervals, with engaging things to play with, and loving attention bestowed at regular intervals, including holding and cuddling, and giving direct energy into the being through touch. All of these virtues and values on display are necessary for the young to have a start in life as separate organisms and beings in a physical setting.

This is hard won. It is deliberately constructed through understanding what is at stake, and is seen to through the learning of human culture for its necessity to have the young start off and be kept whole and grow in a normal fashion, which will not happen in the absence of love. Love is the essential ingredient here, but love alone does not impart wisdom. Wisdom comes from dealing with the absence of love in some respect or another, if only in the array of possibilities presented to the being. There is an infinite variety inherent in the creation. You experience only a small array of choices and can only conceive of a few additional variations of similar themes. That is not the upper limit. Things can happen of vaster complexity, richness, and a rewarding interplay that delights the soul in myriad ways beyond your comprehension at the moment. That can only happen if you have the wherewithal and it is within your reach to explore and to create those possibilities.

The so‑called advanced civilizations you know of, are advanced by your standards, and your level of experience in the physical as human beings, but they are not worlds of limitless possibility. They are stable worlds that are defined, and proscribed, and the beings there enjoy a great degree of safety and support, not dependent on them. And that is a completely different experience than you are having as a physical human. What will come from your hard‑won freedoms and successful emergence from this learning phase will be a creator‑level understanding of possibilities those other beings can only see and read about, but have not experienced themselves, and are not a part of their internal makeup as experience. That is the launching pad for everything that comes next. This is why possessing an instruction manual brings no rewards. It is only information. It is when you take the instruction manual and you build the new device you desire to see in existence, and learn from those steps how to go about it, and the reasons why, and develop the ability within your being to not only follow instructions, but to keep a plan in mind, keep the intention behind it to see it is executed, to summon the will to carry it forward, and to take this on in the context of many, many other demands on your time, and the consequences being in proportion to its relative value to you, given a large array of alternative choices you might have made. And this will determine your future, your success, your safety and your continued survival.

That is quite a large burden to carry and is not present for these other seemingly advanced beings. Their lives are guaranteed. They are even in nature. They are on a high level and a high plane, compared to your human experience and your relative primitive state of being, still. But the potentials are vastly different. So what we are saying, in a rather roundabout way, is that you will likely not choose to go elsewhere if you can continue as a divine human, and carry the enterprise forward. Even if there is a complete failure that ends in annihilation of physical human as a species, and the planet itself destroyed, you will wish to continue the human enterprise in some fashion, even if it means a restarting of the entire universe. You will be solidly behind that eventuality because of the importance of the enterprise to you personally. This is quite hard to see from the human vantage point, especially with so many tired souls and old souls among you who have been at this for so long and have the karmic wounds to prove it.

Many are quite beaten down, and quite suppressed, and even despondent from the level of inner turmoil that is uncontrollable because they have, seemingly, no good way to heal themselves, and rise above all of the accumulated baggage. This is the challenge before you now—a double one—not only to heal yourselves, but to heal oppressors who would destroy you. That is the key to your own healing, and the way forward. It is the greatest of challenges one could devise for you, and it is far beyond what others must face elsewhere. That is why you are here. Not because it is a mistake, but because it is the greatest of choices one can make. And few will take it on because of the great sacrifices involved. The demands are great, the risks are high because the wounding is inevitable, and then the responsibility for healing remains with you. That is quite a high price to pay. It is the price that others in human form take on with military service, knowing to serve their country they may lose their life, and all possibility of the delights in having a loving family waiting for them to return home, and hoping they will come back safely. They put their lives literally on the line.

You are doing this as well by being here. You chose to come and to serve as physical human because you want to remain as physical human and to be successful as physical human. If you have a sojourn in other worlds and other star systems, it will be an interesting experience but more of a vacation than true progress, in terms of what you personally have chosen to be a part of. So we are simply pointing out for you the level of disconnection that you have in asking this question in the first place—not as a criticism, but to point out why this is so difficult. That all humans are unaware of this simple fact—they chose to be here to take on the interlopers. That is the reason for the incarnation always, because all know what is in store when they come. It is not an easy path. It is very much being a warrior, a warrior for the light, in supporting Creator’s vision of the enterprise of divine human as an expanding independent force. This far outweighs any other choice one can make in terms of having a vast array of future possibilities to experience.

You can certainly choose to have less. It will not be without reward and delight. Almost all beings are happy where they are, and very few choose to change this, other than having variety for a time. It is much like you in knowing what you are used to, and perhaps recoiling with the thought of even an incarnation on the planet in a different cultural setting, as a different race perhaps, and experiencing quite different levels of affluence in the bargain. So we are simply giving you a higher‑level perspective here, to ponder, because you have already chosen to be a part of the enterprise and are simply helping to remind you of this.