DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceWhat is the importance of forgiveness and how can we achieve it when we resent someone who has wronged us?
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

Forgiveness is so very, very important because of its healing power, and this is one of the great misunderstandings that humans carry. They think of forgiveness as something they are giving away and are reluctant to bestow this on another who has harmed them, not realizing that the act of forgiveness carries within it the seeds of their own liberation and the restitution of their sovereignty and their wholeness as a being energetically, to recover from prior wounding and mistreatment. What happens in an act of forgiveness is a recognition of the need for restored order and balance. That is what it is in essence, when you strip away the whys and wherefores, and the names and the labels, and the circumstances and the history, and the feelings of entitlement, and the wounds that it caused, and the pain involved and look at this in essence. It is a rebalancing operation and benefits the universe. The fact it benefits the perpetrator is secondary to the need of the universe because the universe serves all. It serves them with whatever the energies might be in the moment.

You can be served with balance coming from the universe, or you can be served with imbalance coming from the universe, through an unhealed wound for example, through an ongoing systematic series of attacks from a perpetrator. This needs to change and you will feel it quite acutely if it is directed at you and perceived as painful. What is needed is restoration of the balance. This can be bestowed by you as victim through an act of forgiveness because you can be the one to restore love energy, to restore that balance, even if the perpetrator is incapable of the act. This is something to think about deeply. In a sense, the love is not going to them, it is going to the universe. It is much like washing the graffiti off the front of a religious edifice tainted by signs of hatred used to brand others in the past and create great fear within. You are not gifting the perpetrator when you wash away that stain. You in a sense are putting love back into the universe that does help them indirectly because their stain on the world has been removed by you.

The negative karma they launched by creating that destruction of energy, of the order of things, and people seeing it and becoming distraught and the harm that it causes and that ripple of negativity spreading outward, you would have put to an end through that simple act of washing away the stain. And so they will benefit. That might not be in your thoughts and your awareness but nonetheless happens. The whole point of healing and the upliftment of humanity is for everyone to get back the love they denied, the love they ignored, the love they refused to share, and the love they could not attract to themselves because they were living in darkness in some way or another. Almost entirely this is the result of interlopers in the first instance causing the disarray, the disconnection, the dishevelment, the discouragement, and then the corruption that leads to wrongdoing.

So the first thing we would say about forgiveness is that it is always appropriate because no divine human deserves to suffer—even the perpetrator. And if forgiveness heals the wounds, it is the responsibility of those who see and who can act to bring love in and spread love to do so. The perpetrator is often unable because they are not equal to the task. They are too corrupted. They are too faulty in the moment. But that is a surface condition and characteristic. Until you have been brought low yourself, you may never understand the plight of the perpetrator as clearly. It is a place and state of being you do not wish to try out, and all such individuals deserve not just pity, but loving compassion because that can be followed by acts of forgiveness to raise up the universe, and the universe cannot be raised up and leave the perpetrators behind. It does not work that way. All must rise, or none will rise. This is the world you are in. You cannot prop up one end without the other end sagging. You must prop up everyone in the same way, to the same extent. That is your challenge. You need help with this.

The totality of humanity can do it because you have been bestowed with the energy and the power to do so. But individually you do not have the wherewithal and you can appeal to divine sources to make up the shortfall. So a small percentage of humans can work wonders with divine support and participation. It is there for the asking. But the forgiveness you bestow will help you and that is the hidden secret. It is not just doing something to make yourself look good or to feel virtuous—although you will look good and you will enjoy having a virtuous existence in that action. But the main purpose and the great benefit in acts of forgiveness is calling forth love to bestow on your target because that love flows through you and raises you up. In the very act of forgiveness, you become exalted, you become raised up to a high level, and will indeed be on Creator’s wavelength, and in solidarity with Creator and the divine intention for all to live through, and by, and with love, in all you do. It is a godly act to forgive that raises up everyone in its path.