DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionHow is the problem of evil a self-confidence abnormality?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

The problem of evil arises as a consequence of disconnection from one’s divinity, one’s alignment with the truth of the divine. This stops the flow of love and leaves a person isolated and in a loveless state of being. They will be unable to love and feel compassion for others or to love and feel compassion for the self. As a consequence, the only source of enjoyment available to them will be of a material sort, having the superficial accoutrements of success, a bigger, flashier car, a bigger house, fancier clothes, a group of individuals they can influence to be followers and helpers, in effect, groomed to praise their leader and be supplicants even to the extent of becoming, in some ways, servants. This is not leadership, this is exploitation, so the consequences of being disconnected from divine love and wisdom leaves a vacuum and such individuals may well become a monster seeking power and control over others for self‑gratification through material gain, and the only source of self-satisfaction and accomplishment to bring security and stability. They will not be confident in who they are, so their security must rest with the ability to punish others if they become a competitor or a perceived threat of some kind.

This is why nation-states corrupted by evil become totalitarian, because their leaders cannot act through love and compassion, but only through the need for power and control and will be endlessly suppressing and subjugating their citizenry in order to keep the reins of power and suppress anyone who might question or challenge them for their dominant position. The reason such empires fail is that each and every time they come about, it is because there is faulty leadership, an absence of divinity and character that eventually will lead to mistakes, overreaching, suspicion, and mistrust, and then harm to others through the need to keep everyone on a short leash and not risk allowing freedom to flourish—it is too threatening and by its denial, the empire is doomed because it will lead to stagnation and a downward spiral of degradation and lack that will end up draining everyone and threatening ultimately even personal survival.

This is why the idea of freedom and liberty, self-determination, respect for the rights of others, and that all are equal, are noble ideas and in divine alignment, they create the potential for the strongest possible world because the divine human can flourish when the world is run with such principles by its leaders. This will create a role for all, a place for all, an acceptance of all, and things will sort themselves out and will not require an overseer and taskmaster to create a hierarchy and pigeonhole people according to their whims—the whims of the leader and their prejudices. When people have room to breathe, to find their own path, to unleash their own talents and capabilities, and are unhindered, the end result will be a greatly amplified and heightened degree of progress overall in which the nation-state will flourish and prevail, and become a shining beacon for any who are downtrodden and living under subjugation still.