DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerHow long would it take for one person’s prayer, along with a request to have it acted on over and over as rapidly as feasible, to equal all of humanity launching a single prayer in unison?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago
This is a more complicated equation than simply assigning a number energetically to the relative prayer requests. Even though the LHP is more powerful, because it is multicomponent and asks for much healing, it is also addressing specifically, many, many targets. The human prayer would most likely be focused on the self and loved ones, as much as the world as a whole, but with no intention whatsoever to go beyond humanity other than some who treasure the environment and would like to see other life forms assisted in some way. But assuming the prayer is for rescue of humanity, it will be quite focused on a narrow category of targets. While this limits other aspects that are beneficial to arrange via the LHP, it would enable the divine to step into the breach and delay something dire about to happen. It would not necessarily save you for all time and render the extraterrestrial interlopers and dark spirits powerless totally. The human population, acting through prayer, will generate a weak request because it is ill-informed. People, as a whole, do not know what they are up against and what to even ask for to best improve things. So our message of hope you are latching onto here was an entreaty to work towards an awakening of as many human beings as possible, with the prospect of greater empowerment as a consequence, because the more you awaken and participate in organized outreach to the divine in common cause, the more that can be done by the divine to save you. But the description, unfortunately, is too simplistic to truly reflect how far we could go with just a simple universal prayer, it would depend entirely on the level of knowledge, sophistication, dedication, and belief quotient within each separate individual, and whether they were truly in alignment with their messages collectively. And a deficit in belief quotient, either in the divine or belief in themselves, would then begin to take away from the whole. So this is, in a sense, a quite ill-defined picture you are wanting to use categorically to figure out the math here, and unfortunately, it is quite difficult to do because the nuances become all-important were this to be a real-world situation. The reality of the energetics is that the power of intention of a single human being, even using a powerful tool like the LHP, is modest compared to an aggregate of human beings. So if the entirety of the world's population launched a simple prayer to be rescued from the threat of annihilation by extraterrestrial interlopers, with that representing all they were aware of but taking it seriously and doing their best to mount a prayer outreach, there would be more energy to work with than the energy of a single practitioner launching an LHP request. This is true also of a small number of practitioners relative to the nearly 8 billion human beings on the Earth at present. So again they would fall short in terms of what could be made to happen. When you are asking for repetition of the LHP done by the divine realm, that repetition will similarly use the intention of the original session and not a greater force even though it is the divine realm taking up the cause. But that is true also of the original session itself, the divine is acting on behalf of the practitioner to carry out the requests but, at the same time, cannot exceed the level of intention launched by that practitioner in their session, so it is limited in scope and power. With repetition, those small efforts will be repeated, and so the number of repetitions would have to be truly enormous to begin to match the entirety of the human population. In actuality, this becomes very complex quickly because it is all a moving target and there is a need for time to effect implementation of the repeated sessions, and for that to play out with consequences that loop back through time, not instantly, but over time in actuality, so there is a delay factor built in always in requesting something of the divine. This is why you have that famous saying that "The mills of God grind slowly but they grind exceedingly fine." All divine work does not happen in the blink of an eye, but much more commonly a process of reworking many, many things, and over many timelines, and this can run into thousands, to millions, or even billions of separate interactions. And not only those moments of trauma, but their precursors and the changes later on, if interrupted or prevented in some way by healing, need to bear fruit through the passage of time to catch up to the present, in effect. So this is a very difficult thing to assign a number to, and we appreciate the frustration behind the asking because you want to have a sense this is rational, that it is realistic, that the numbers add up, so to speak, and that it is even feasible to begin with given the odds against you, the growing menace, and short timeline, and the slow pace of awakening others to join the cause. We can see this more precisely than you, of course, but that does not mean we can easily express it in words or reduce it to a simple numerical analysis that would help you to have a comfort with our pronouncements and predictive scenarios. We, in fact, avoid explicit deadlines and quantitative criteria for achieving success. Because it is a moving target, among other things, it can become harder over time rather than easier. If the interlopers increase their pressure on human society, then the same amount of healing effort becomes less effective, even if growing, because it is being overridden by a more intense opposition, so we would encourage you to have trust in us because we do see this as being workable. You are moving steadily forward and, among other things, the LHP is increasing in its reach and power through the enhancements being added. That, too, begins to affect the overall equation of things and moves it more in the favor of the group using the LHP with leveraging compared to a human cohort mounting ordinary prayers. We see you and your band of practitioners, along with those you reach and encourage to use Empowered Prayer, as becoming the dominant force speaking for humanity and bringing about change for the better, rather than achieving a universal awakening and a return to using ordinary prayer as being the answer here, and the path to saving and healing humanity once and for all.