DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessHow much of a healing dilemma and need is exhibited within the ether? Can Creator tell us how Empowered Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol are the best means for accomplishing it?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago
We take your question to truly represent the ether as a kind of ground state of consciousness and, as such, a sort of launching pad, energetically, of many things required or requested by the higher states of consciousness representing life forms, and especially sentient beings like the human. Because the physical plane is heavily flawed and creates an environment that is imperfect, as it is poorly understood by the sentient beings inhabiting it, in the same way they can harm themselves and one another physically, they can influence the higher realms of consciousness, indirectly at least, through the consequences on the physical and the consciousness they send out beyond their body which can alter the energies of the ether and leave distortions. This is sort of analogous to creating bad weather in an atmosphere around the Earth, it will have consequences, perhaps only for the beings who are airborne, who want to fly through a certain region but encounter thunder and lightning, heavy precipitation, and so on, just like beings on the ground engaged with their lives might get pummeled with heavy hailstones, drowned in a flood from heavy rain bursting from the heavens, or struck by lightning. But even further from the Earth itself, because consciousness in nonlocal form can travel anywhere, that consciousness can perturb the universe virtually anywhere, at least to some degree, and this creates, in a sense, bad weather that can increase in intensity when compounded by the consciousness of many, many beings who might be struggling and out of divine alignment, launching dark thoughts and hateful attacks on others, not realizing their thoughts do not stop at the borders of their skull but can go everywhere and have effects beyond the body. Because human beings are attuned intuitively and energetically to many kinds of stimuli, they, in turn, are influenced by the accumulated thoughts of others that are in a kind of energetic aggregate of consciousness and will tune into it to see what the weather is like, so to speak, and may come away unsettled, agitated, and quite concerned if there is gossip about them out there in the ether, so to speak, or something threatening their species, like talk of war or threats to humanity as a whole. What is needed is a way to fix it, a way to heal not only what is going wrong but its consequences. This is no different than any kind of needed housekeeping like taking out the garbage. One of the biggest consequences of war is the need for massive cleanup and rebuilding. The same is true from all of the bombardment of the ether by consciousness of various beings who are themselves perturbed, out of alignment, thrashing about, and sending forth ill-considered energy that will cause a kind of wounding, a damage to the environment in the broadest sense, and influencing the makeup of the whole of the universe, if only to a small extent. But those perturbations can build, as we have said, and any kind of misalignment or imbalance of the universe will have a consequence karmically for you, because it will be connected to you as its originator, and if what you create is discord, you become a bad actor and will have a comeuppance of some kind forcing you to repay the wrongdoing and the imbalance it caused. That can be done the hard way, through suffering a similar degree of discord as you cause, or it can be done in a higher and better way through an offering of love as restitution. There can also be divine grace brought to bear to help you out of this dilemma, at least to some extent, in requesting healing through the divine realm for what ails you and, because we understand the picture is bigger than just you and your physical makeup, the Lightworker Healing Protocol has many components designed to attend to these more esoteric aspects, not just to be thorough and because we can, but because they also figure in things in an important way and are thus important to take care of and bring healing to restore better function as an end result of restoring balance in the universe. This is what you need to pray for, at least in more general terms, to address the needs you have as a physical being, at least right now, being a priority. The meaning of the prayer, the origin of the discord you are suffering causing you to pray, or the potential road hazards you might face will have, as a logical extension, the need to address the karmic underpinnings and the energetic consequences wherever they go, wherever they reside, and that could be on different timelines, in other lifetimes, and at distant realms throughout the galaxy and beyond. So this is why prayer needs to be empowered, to increase its reach, literally. Together, Empowered Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol give you the tools you need to clean up your act and that of your fellow beings, both physical humans and extraterrestrials you tussle with and who are intent on dragging you down; they menace your existence, in fact; they need healing even more than you do because your fate depends on them and if you are not here to heal them, they will perish. You were created to heal your perpetrators and, even though they are your worst enemy, healing them will save you and will be the greatest act of giving, of loving kindness, and of divine expression in the history of the universe. This you can contribute to through the choice to participate in using these fine tools to better yourself and save humanity and other beings within the galaxy, as a part of the exercise, because the Empowered Prayers and the Lightworker Healing Protocol, both, include everyone and everything, and that includes the etheric realm of consciousness and its repair, but you must choose to partner with us to have that happen. It is in your best interest to do all you can in order to guarantee a better future for you and everyone.