DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionHow widespread a problem is boredom for consciousness? Does all consciousness suffer from it potentially? Do plants get bored? Do planets get bored?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

We can tell you that plants and planets do not get bored, they thoroughly enjoy their existences because they are fully engaged, they know what they are about, and they know how to find out what might be needed and to implement it to have a successful existence. This is not to say everything goes perfectly because, as you know, there are hazards in the physical realm of many kinds. The competition for survival with an environment that varies over time with weather and seasons presents many difficulties of adaptation for plants and animals and the planet as a whole, in the case of Earth, having to adjust for the changes that affect its consciousness from environmental destruction and Earth changes, and so forth. But this is a part of living and what makes the process of living dynamic, it adds interest and it adds challenge. Both are needed by consciousness, first of all, to justify its existence. If there is nothing to adapt to, nothing that ever changes to react to, what is the point of having conscious awareness of something?

An existence that is static and unchanging is a kind of living death akin to being buried alive, where no movement and no outside stimulation is possible. It is the living death of the earthbound spirit, trapped, tumbling in the darkness, with no bodily sensations and no outside influences except the possibility of torment by predatory dark spirits. Normally, consciousness will never be bored because there is always room to grow and growth brings both stimulus and change. Things will happen, both positive and less so, and both have value because that will sharpen discernment in learning what works best, what represents a true obstacle that needs to be worked around, and what could be an opportunity to learn and catapult one forward through solving a problem and surmounting the obstacle at hand to come away stronger and better from taking on the challenge and surmounting it.

The Earth and other worlds within the Milky Way Galaxy are the places where boredom reigns, due to the stultifying effect of the suppression being orchestrated to hold you down and hold you back. The objective of consciousness is always an expansion of possibilities; that is the purpose of creation, after all, to provide an ever-expanding and ever-growing realm populated by many, many life forms of all kinds, including highly advanced and intelligent soul-based beings who are extensions of Creator’s consciousness and have, innately, a desire to expand existing creation in novel ways to make things better, more highly enriched, more refined, more exciting and intriguing, and rewarding. This is what love seeks; it seeks not, something that is static and never changing, it seeks a relationship and interaction, a partnership with another, to have many mutual experiences, each as individuals but bringing their own essence to share, and in the doing will promote growth of both parties. That extends to the wider array of interactions possible, that all is a kind of vast collective of possibilities for interaction, learning, and growth. This is what consciousness seeks to be a part of and to gain from under normal circumstances.