DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divinely Inspired MessengersYears ago, there was a television program about a study done on the psychic abilities possessed by dogs. Almost all dog owners experience their beloved pooch waiting breathlessly for them at the door. Using hidden cameras, the aim was to see what happens when the owner returns to the home at unpredictable times, and when exactly dogs will head for the door in anticipation. To everyone’s surprise, most dogs would head for the door when the owner was as much as a mile away, and the time was irrelevant. This was about as dramatic a display of genuine psychic ability as one could encounter, and yet few know of the study or saw the program. Can Creator comment?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

Interest in an awareness of paranormal phenomena is heavily suppressed in human culture by the interlopers, so it is no wonder that even when someone makes the attempt to study such phenomena there will be relatively little interest and little follow-up, even with profound revelations being shown. This observation, repeated multiple times, was an accurate representation of the psychic ability of companion animals to tune into their owners even when absent and have a sense of what they are thinking and feeling, and will know when an intention is present to return home and the animal will begin to eagerly await the arrival of their human. This is because dogs are so highly attuned to their owners and truly care for them and about them, want to be with them, and are excited at the prospect of a reunion. Remember these are love-based beings more naturally, more powerfully, and more unrestrained than is typically the case with humans, who let petty annoyances interfere with love feelings and ongoing happiness. Whereas dogs are typically in a constant state of delight in their lives unless they are abused in some way; they can let go of negativity readily and do not harbor ill will like humans; they forgive you unless you are repeatedly abusive.