DWQA QuestionsCategory: HealingIn 1972, 22-year-old Sotria Kritsonis was deceptively picked up by a friendly, handsome man who proposed to drop her off at her destination. She soon realized she was being kidnapped. She started praying and sobbing. And then, the man asked her to remove her hat—he didn’t like her short hair, and let her go. Sotria had had her hair cut only days ago—and the man who had abducted her was none other than serial killer Ted Bundy. He only killed women with long brown hair. Was this an example of divine intervention, and if so, can you describe the factors and events involved in bringing protection?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

As you saw intuitively, this was a divine intervention and an example of retrocausal healing as well. The latter is an enigmatic ability of consciousness to traverse time and cause things to happen in the past or future, and thereby change the events that unfold in a different way. This is quite difficult for people to accept or even to envision because humans are so concrete in their thinking of time being a strictly linear “once and done” phenomenon. In actuality, time is fluid and is continually looping backwards and forwards such that future events impinge on the past as well as present. The past loops into the present and future to influence things, and so on.

In this instance, the future extension of her current life created an encounter with the serial killer in question and it was her great fear and her prayers reaching out in a heartfelt and earnest way to receive divine help and rescue looping back through time, through the actions of the divine realm, that rescued her. She was impulsed to cut her hair days before meeting up with Ted Bundy through an inner guidance by her higher self impulsing her with the suggestion that “her hairdo would be fun to change in this way.” The true purpose of the encouragement was to effect a divine rescue to keep her from being killed during the future encounter with the serial killer and this, in fact, is what happened—the encounter took place but she was spared, as foreseen by Creator, and her prayers were answered by bestowing retrocausal healing to influence the past in a way that would forestall her being murdered.

While quite difficult for many to accept, this, in fact, is the way most divine healing is conducted. It is easier to prevent things than to change them after the fact because the physical reality becomes so well-entrenched and the power of consciousness of the humans involved as witnesses, and who have been harmed dreadfully, becomes too strong to be overridden by Creator in keeping with the rules of engagement to honor human free will. By going into the past and changing a sequence of seemingly ordinary everyday choices that will undo the likelihood of a future disaster, perhaps by being somewhere else and not in harm’s way, or making another prosaic decision that renders protection from disaster, is met with little resistance in the moment because the people involved have no conscious awareness there is something momentous being decided. So it is more than likely that a divine offering of an alternative with a suggestion given subliminally will simply be embraced, and once the humans accept the guidance the rest will fall into place quite naturally.