DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaIn all these questions we have been exploring the idea of the innocent victim who has no duty, and to whom everything is owed by agents and circumstances outside of themselves, that victims are special, but even so, may be regarded as undesirable damaged goods by some, or even many. In contrast, Creator said this in last week’s radio show: “As the guardian of your own soul, you are responsible even for healing what is done to you by others.” This seems to be quite a departure from the notion of the helpless victim, powerless to remedy their own situation. Can Creator comment further?
Nicola Staff asked 12 months ago

It is very much the case that all have a sacred duty to serve their own souls as well as one another. While you are not strictly your brother’s keeper in all situations and circumstances, there is a basic duty you have to all in the human family, because all are interconnected and interdependent as well. This is clearly a deep and wide issue and potential dilemma that deserves deep study and careful scrutiny, in a way to gain insight and wisdom about the art of living, but the basic foundation for the idea of having a responsibility for the self, no matter what is taking place, is universally applicable. When your perpetrator is done carrying out their harmful acts and you are left to pick up the pieces, your response to your situation will go a long ways to determine the course of your recovery from whatever level of harm has occurred. If you are physically injured, you may need to seek help and do a whole series of onerous, expensive, and inconvenient therapies and treatments in order to obtain the best possible physical restoration of the body. The same is true in obtaining emotional support for the internal wounding to self‑image and personal security, as well as the many hidden vulnerabilities from prior karmic dilemmas that might be intensified and stirred up through an encounter with a wrongdoer in the current life that catapults you back into victimhood, when this may have happened many times in other lives, and a source of a tremendous backlog of unhealed trauma that will come crashing down on you to worsen things.

Much of the unfairness of life, the travails people suffer, the inequities and the suffering, including the severe stress many experience on a chronic basis, all are owing to inner vulnerability that gets worsened over time through repeated trauma. There is finally a good way to heal this. To be in ignorance leaves you vulnerable and this will have a karmic consequence as well, because you are surrendering to your vulnerability when you need to be seeking a strengthening and a continued growth to overcome the new liabilities that have been created. This is your sacred obligation after all; to not do so will undermine you further and add more penalties to the healing backlog you will need to reckon with. The proper way to view this is to see a setback of any kind as being as much an opportunity as a liability. Healing what happens may well heal other deeper hidden things, at least to some extent, in the bargain. This is how you can climb out of a very deep hole you have dug for yourself with the help of many, many others through multiple lifetimes. We are here to show you how to do this.