DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaCan Creator share how prayer work and the Lightworker Healing Protocol can empower victims to heal themselves and even their perpetrators, and rise above and away from the self-perception of being an innocent and helpless victim?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

The answer for being out of divine alignment, whether as a perpetrator or a victim, is healing in some form or another. This is why achieving a state of enlightenment is truly a healing journey, not simply the gaining of knowledge and insight about how to be more divine and how to be more lofty in one’s thoughts and actions. Theoretical knowledge is a meager benefit, more of a prop, more of a program to show you what is on the agenda than the actual performance, the actual exhibition of living in a more effective way, and trying new strategies through experience to see what works better. What is needed is further life experience. Simply the overcoming of inner fear once one has been hurt, to reenter the fray, put oneself at risk once again by reengaging with life is a big, big step for many victims, but will be necessary to regain one’s footing and overcome the liabilities created by the painful trauma one has been through. This may require some very specific and high-level maneuvers to achieve the healing necessary.

Many people become involved with talk therapies that end up giving relatively little benefit because they are simply reliving the telling of their story over and over and over again. This allows them to better see what happened and how it hurt them, and what they are doing now that is dysfunctional and what is disadvantageous about that, and to better define alternative actions, ways of thinking and feeling that could help them live in a stronger and more effective way, and if embraced, help them grow new muscles and recover. But it is always easier said than done—knowing what one needs to do is not at all the same as having the wherewithal to act on that awareness. That will often require healing of inner roadblocks with many negative beliefs standing in the way of what is truly possible when a part of the mind is rebelling, digging in its feet, and saying, “I cannot do that. This is impossible for me. To do what you want puts me at risk and might even be fatal.” When you are fighting with a part of the deep subconscious holding such views, it will win because it controls the physical body and all your emotions, and what might happen is, if you try through willpower to override inner misgivings, you might end up incapacitated with a nervous breakdown or truly crippling panic attacks or a state of such chronic anxiety it becomes intolerable to keep going, and there may be an erosion of physical health from that internal stress that shortens your lifespan and this, indeed, is a way of escaping, but at a very, very, high price indeed.

Perpetrators are on a similar treadmill of only being able to do what they know, that what they have found seems to work for them, and it is often a surrender to an inner impulse to take a shortcut, to take a risk of some kind through harming others because that is an expedient way to gain something for the self. And many who are severely narcissistic or sociopaths become quite fearless through having a tremendous sense of entitlement and being blind to their own culpability and the wrongdoing they are engaging with through the inability to feel any compassion for a potential victim, and in lacking a conscience to remind them they are endangering themselves, become their own worst enemy and are trapped in a non-rewarding life in the end. Sooner or later, they will hit a wall they cannot get over or force their way through, and there may be a very painful consequence—this is a healing opportunity as well.

What is needed is divine intervention in most cases. This can be arranged through empowered prayer in knowing what to ask for, how to ask, and ways to leverage that intention for the greatest possible divine support. The Lightworker Healing Protocol is a comprehensive series of healing requests designed to truly address every potential source of negativity that can befall a person, whether they are perpetrator, victim, or a combination of the two. This will right the wrongs carried out by them or enacted against them in ways that will truly rebalance things, by healing what is out of alignment and what the causal elements were that contributed to the travesty. This is because it is fully empowered to enlist help of the divine across time domains and every potential source of influence on a person. All the lives they have lived and all of their family members, their soul collective of compatriots, all their perpetrators, as well as all the collective sources of energy, good and bad, connecting them to the akashic records and the collective unconscious, as well as the ancestral and cultural beliefs they may carry within, which are a liability in many cases, all is fair game for healing if one knows how to go about it and make the requests.

This is what has been missing all through the ages, that humans have been in ignorance, and deliberately so, through corruption and manipulation by the interlopers. It is time for you to break out and break free. Use the profound wisdom we are now teaching through the representatives of GetWisdom to step into your power, reclaim your divine purpose, and be a force for good that once and for all can solve the problem of evil. This is worth living for and worth dying for, if necessary, for you will die only to live again in a better, more effective, and more glorious future. Your soul is immortal and so are you, but you are not living like it. You are settling for the mediocrity of your mediocre world and its many deliberate constraints. You can invite us to help you reach a better path and it will change everything about your life and your destiny.