DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsIn group readings, up to several thousand people are present, and the mediums claim they do not participate in any choice about what spirit comes through. How is it determined which spirit gets the channel? Is this all determined by the higher selves of all the participants? Is the most urgent need among the many participants usually addressed?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

While the mediums might claim no purposeful direction of the agenda, that is only true up to a point. They clearly are not looking for anyone in particular among the crowd because they are largely strangers, and that is what makes it impressive. If their friends who accompany them end up getting a reading, that would look contrived and certainly raise eyebrows among skeptics. But nonetheless, mediums have expectations, they have a certain intention in mind—they want to do well, they want to make an impact on things, they want to do their best, and they want to have spirits come through who have a story to tell and who will make an impact for others, who are third parties in watching and listening to what is unfolding, so they get something out of it as well. That intention is factored into what takes place next, and that will, in fact, be determined by the higher selves of the participants, and the soul extension of the departed loved ones, as a kind of process to consult with Creator so those who will best match the intention of the physical people in the living will step forward, and connect to the psychic medium, and be the subjects of the session at hand.

This is in keeping with the rules of engagement, that it is human intention that drives things, not the divine determining all that happens and controlling everything. The divine must stand aside most of the time. The beings in the light must stay in the divine realm and not interfere with human doings. They are not allowed unless there is a particular circumstance where there is something for them to contribute, being requested from humans in the living, then they have permission of the divine to put in an appearance in some way. But that, too, will be carefully controlled, in terms of the extent of involvement and the way it comes about, to strike a balance within the rules to not be an amazing, overwhelmingly convincing proof of the hereafter, but something more personal for the direct participants, the relatives of the departed who can vouch that the clues, such as they are being shared, do fit their loved one. So all these factors are considered. If there is unfinished business and a karmic benefit, to perhaps bring some resolution for the grieving, would gain a higher ranking in support by Creator to take part, and sometimes just having a good story that many can relate to will be elevated as a priority, because it will be a teachable moment for so many others watching things take place, and that is considered “divine grace in action” and will serve as inspiration for many, and encouragement, and will help to shore up belief, which is of great benefit.