DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessWhen we do healing with Holographic Memory Resolution and that goes out to change the energetic signature of something in the akashic records, will that also extend outward to the collective unconscious to repair similar trauma memories?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This is another astute observation, because any intention to change the energetic consequences of any event, will go to every aspect of that event, on every level of consciousness in existence. It is personal, but the personal intermingles with the collective, and in that way affects all in some respect to some degree, directly or indirectly. So it is kind of like a pressure. And so negativity adds pressure to the collective unconscious. Joy and love depressurize, and are a kind of relief valve to de-escalate tensions, to resolve conflict, to end pain and suffering. So the thoughts that go out will always have a consequence in every part of what they touch. And as we were saying, because the nonlocal consciousness is present everywhere at once, this, in fact, must be so by the very design of things. The effects will be, in some respect, more local than not, but that is a perception. You are looking, as a healer, at the consequences for a client, and the consequence of their interaction with the collective unconscious is foremost in your thoughts and interest. But what they do will have an effect on the whole. So from the perspective of another, what your client is doing is still of importance to them potentially. So the interaction is quite dynamic and has many consequences.