DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessIs channeling using Creator’s translator done via the same intuitive gateway as nonlocal consciousness?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

This is an interesting aspect of the mechanistic explanation in the use of nonlocal consciousness that is possible for some and not for others. Creator’s translator takes advantage of a special gateway, and that is the main objective of the prior configuration done before an individual incarnates, so that the bodily makeup and the interconnections with the workings of the brain and mind at all levels will have the proper foundation in place to function normally and sometimes paranormally, in the case of channeling ability. This is why it cannot simply be worked on in some fashion to learn how, and to begin to channel readily. There are ways to engage with parts of the consciousness the mind can learn. This is how people can bring forth their subconscious thoughts and beliefs and memories to conscious awareness and perceive them and describe them even, in the moment, during a trance state under hypnosis, for example. People can often channel the consciousness of a dark spirit when that spirit has gained access to conscious perception to interact, and the person will have the wherewithal to make that happen if the spirit can engage successfully from its end of things. That does not require Creator’s translator either. And of course, what is typically done by psychics and psychic mediums is to receive an intuitive perception and turn that into a verbal description that may, at times, take the form of a conversation, for example, a message from departed loved one. That is not true channeling but simply a psychic impression turned into a message by the psychic, understanding the intention behind that perception and turning it into words themselves. So all of those ways people can connect to and then perceive or speak useful information content can also be enhanced to have greater precision and efficiency by requesting Creator’s help for an interchange with a person’s mind, or them with their own mind in the case of someone wanting greater capability to understand what is going on below, within the deeper parts of their consciousness. But if the special gateway for Creator’s translator has not been established, there will be a boundary in what can be facilitated and achieved without it. So the individual desiring to channel will hit a wall and cannot proceed further.