DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial SpiritsIs my client from Australia correct in seeing that his troubles are related to being near an extraterrestrial portal and that his wife’s dead parent’s bodies are being occupied by Anunnaki spirits?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

This is a mix of accurate and delusional thinking. He is astute in seeing there is extraterrestrial involvement with him and his life and his family as well. There is not an occupation of the dead parent’s bodies as he believes. This is a delusional perception that he is being visited by extraterrestrial spirits and is mixing the parents into the situation mentally. They are using this as a deception in order to approach him in a familiar guise. So this is an intuitive perception he is receiving being projected to him by extraterrestrial spirits. They are masquerading as the dead parents as a ploy to gain his confidence but he is seeing the truth of things and is on his guard as a consequence. And this is a healthy appropriate response to his perception, which is on target that something fishy is going on here. That is very much the case. His overall spiritual alignment is serving him well, to stand strong and not give in to this exploration, and would-be penetration of his defenses. If he is given a Lightworker Healing Protocol session, these interlopers can be rounded up and sent into rehabilitation and that would help to minimize things for a time. He does have an extraterrestrial portal in the home and this is exacerbating the problem. Its removal would be a blessing and that would again serve to dampen things for a time at least. He is a high value target and that is the reason this has been going on for some time and with a certain focus and intensity. As you know, all people are targeted by dark spirits of one kind or another, and it is often the extraterrestrial spirits who find them first, and then recruit the fallen angelics to simply come in and stir up trouble. When there is a high-value target, extra care will be given to groom them, cultivate them, and establish a rapport, all with the aim of inserting an extraterrestrial portal within their being that can facilitate future spirit possession. So a Lightworker Healing Protocol session will take care of this issue as well, and will serve him going forward. All in his family will benefit from a group clearing for the same reason. They vary in their level of interest as special targets, but nonetheless all are vulnerable and are being preyed on.