DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlIs the act of rape always caused or assisted by dark spirit attachments in the perpetrator? How much is this criminal activity facilitated by extraterrestrial mind control manipulation?
Nicola Staff asked 2 weeks ago

Both are almost always present because the human being left on their own is not a criminal. What makes people criminals is the absence of love, the absence of connection to higher self and higher awareness. Even people deeply disconnected will not likely harm others physically unless they can get away with it without consequence to themselves. When people engage in acts of violence or acts of rape, this is overstepping caution as well as the legal bounds of human conduct as people take huge risks in doing so, that they will be caught and prosecuted eventually and end up in prison. That is a useful dividing line between what is a self-generated transgression or something done as a consequence of heavy manipulation. The act of rape falls in the latter category and will always be a consequence of both spirit meddler corruption and extraterrestrial mind manipulation to foster these leanings through suggestion given subliminally to the person. There is often a reawakening of karmic history here as well to bring back memories of prior transgressions in other lifetimes. This paves the way for a reoccurrence in the current lifetime of similar wayward behavior and makes the task of manipulation all the easier.