DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlKay Jewelers has fired a North Carolina store manager who barred a deputy from picking up his engagement ring because the uniformed officer had a gun in his holster. The manager of the store in Statesville wouldn’t let the deputy enter, even after the deputy explained that it’s against policy for officers to remove their service weapons while in uniform. Did mind control manipulation have something to do with the manager’s suspension of common sense?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

You saw intuitively this was true, and it is very much the case when someone in a position of authority and responsibility suddenly is unable to make an exception under circumstances that are perfectly safe and, in effect, a legal imperative to not deny service to a law enforcement official, even on personal business, who has a legal reason to be there and legal standing to go wherever he chooses even though he is armed. This is a good illustration of mind control manipulation well-entrenched within a person who cannot apply reason and logic any longer, having been blinded by the interior programming that guns are evil and not to be tolerated, and to shun anyone who has an interest in, let alone is carrying a firearm. That is what got this person into trouble, it was something beyond his control to constrain. His interior programming was more powerful than his common sense and reason, and ended up getting him fired to compound the misfortune here. But this is a testament to the effect the mind control is having to make guns unpalatable and eventually intolerable to the majority in society, and cause people to surrender their weapons and leave them defenseless—that is the goal here by the Extraterrestrial Alliance to take away one last barrier to human destruction.